Cusack, The Hon Catherine speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 22/03/2016ADJRefugee Resettlement
  2. 22/03/2016QWNNational Disability Insurance Scheme
  3. 22/03/20161R;2RFines Amendment Bill 2016
  4. 21/03/2016QWNHarmony Day
  5. 16/03/2016QWNSydney Road Network Infrastructure
  6. 10/03/2016QWNPeople With Disability Employment
  7. 10/03/2016Sydney Architecture Festival
  8. 09/03/20162R;3RLimitation Amendment (Child Abuse) Bill 2016
  9. 08/03/2016ADJInternational Women's Day
  10. 25/02/2016QWNHome Care Service of NSW
  11. 24/02/20162R;3RGovernment Sector Employment Legislation Amendment Bill 2016
  12. 24/02/20162RGovernment Sector Employment Legislation Amendment Bill 2016
  13. 19/11/2015QWNRegional Roads, Maritime and Freight Infrastructure
  14. 19/11/2015Paris, Lebanon and Iraq Terrorist Attacks
  15. 18/11/2015ADJWomen in Parliament
  16. 17/11/2015QWNMulticultural NSW Response to Terrorism
  17. 11/11/2015ADJThe Greens
  18. 29/10/2015Flexible Working Arrangements
  19. 28/10/20152R;3ROccupational Licensing National Law Repeal Bill 2015 Regulatory Reform...
  20. 28/10/20152R;3RTreasury Corporation Amendment Bill 2015 State Insurance and Care Gove...
  21. 27/10/2015REPSelect Committee on the Closure of Public Schools
  22. 27/10/2015QWNShark Management Strategy
  23. 20/10/2015QWNShark Mitigation Technologies
  24. 20/10/20152R;3RElectricity Supply Amendment (Energy Savings Scheme) Bill 2015
  25. 15/10/2015Broken Heel Festival
  26. 14/10/2015ADJWomen in Prison Advocacy Network
  27. 14/10/2015QWNNSW Shark Summit
  28. 15/09/2015QWNPlumtree Family Storysharing Project
  29. 09/09/20152R;3RHealth Services Amendment (Ambulance Services) Bill 2015
  30. 09/09/20152R;3RReal Property Amendment (Electronic Conveyancing) Bill 2015
  31. 09/09/20152RReal Property Amendment (Electronic Conveyancing) Bill 2015
  32. 08/09/2015QWNSeniors Card Programs
  33. 27/08/2015QWNNorth Coast Roads
  34. 27/08/2015The Hon. Jennifer Gardiner, a Former Member of the Legislative Council
  35. 26/08/2015QWNMulticultural NSW Strategic Plan
  36. 25/08/2015ADJMale Champions of Change
  37. 11/08/2015Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  38. 11/08/2015REPSelect Committee on the Planning Process in Newcastle and the Broader ...
  39. 11/08/2015QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  40. 24/06/2015ADJTribute to David Stevens
  41. 24/06/2015QWNState Budget and Pacific Highway Funding
  42. 04/06/2015Legislative Assembly Electorates
  43. 03/06/20153RElectricity Network Assets (Authorised Transactions) Bill 2015 Electri...
  44. 03/06/2015QWNNSW Premier's Literary Awards
  45. 02/06/2015QWNSydney Water
  46. 27/05/2015QWN;REPNational Infrastructure Audit Report
  47. 26/05/2015REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 1
  48. 26/05/2015REPSelect Committee on Home Schooling
  49. 13/05/2015ADJNew Members of Parliament
  50. 12/05/2015QWNAnimal Breeding Practices
  51. 06/05/2015QWNDisability Support Services
  52. 20/11/2014QWNGovernment Performance
  53. 18/11/2014QWNPrinces Highway Upgrade
  54. 11/11/2014QWNIllawarra Business Awards 2014
  55. 06/11/2014QWNGrandparents Day
  56. 06/11/2014REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  57. 04/11/2014QWNAboriginal Communities
  58. 23/10/2014ADJInternational Students The Honourable Andrew Stoner, Former Leader of ...
  59. 23/10/2014QWNHigher School Certificate 2014
  60. 22/10/2014QWNSeniors Christmas Concerts
  61. 22/10/20142R;3RTeacher Accreditation Amendment Bill 2014
  62. 22/10/20142R;3RProtection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2014
  63. 21/10/2014QWNDriveway Safety
  64. 16/10/2014QWNDisability Support Services
  65. 15/10/20142RElection Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Amendment Bill 2014
  66. 15/10/2014QWNCarer of the Year 2014
  67. 15/10/20142RHealth Services Amendment (Ambulance Fees) Bill 2014
  68. 14/10/2014QWNRoads and Freight Infrastructure
  69. 18/09/2014QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  70. 17/09/2014ADJThe Greens
  71. 16/09/2014ADJSouthern Cross University Michael Kirby Lecture
  72. 16/09/2014QWNNSW Fair Trading Consumer Protection
  73. 11/09/2014QWNNational Child Protection Week
  74. 11/09/2014Commonwealth Games 2014
  75. 11/09/20141R;2RSummary Offences Amendment (Full-face Coverings Prohibition) Bill 2014
  76. 09/09/2014Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  77. 13/08/2014ADJDeath of Sister Philomene Tiernan, rscj
  78. 13/08/20142R;3RUniversities Legislation Amendment (Regulatory Reforms) Bill 2014
  79. 12/08/2014QWNRental Bond Board
  80. 19/06/2014QWNNational Disability Insurance Scheme
  81. 19/06/20142RTAFE Changes Moratorium (Secure Future for Public Provision of Vocatio...
  82. 18/06/20142R;3RRural Fires Amendment (Vegetation Clearing) Bill 2014
  83. 18/06/2014QWNHunter Residential Centres
  84. 17/06/2014QWNState Budget
  85. 29/05/2014QWNWestConnex Delivery Authority Chief Executive Officer
  86. 29/05/2014Margaret Olley Art Centre
  87. 28/05/20142RAdvocate for Children and Young People Bill 2014
  88. 28/05/2014QWNPenrith Electorate Disability Accommodation
  89. 27/05/20142R;3ROmbudsman Amendment (Aboriginal Programs) Bill 2014
  90. 27/05/2014QWNGrants for Graduation Program
  91. 15/05/2014ADJCommonwealth Women Parliamentarians Association
  92. 14/05/20142R;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Family Member Victim Impact S...
  93. 14/05/2014QWNFederal Budget and Infrastructure
  94. 14/05/20142RParents and Citizens Associations Incorporation Amendment Bill 2014
  95. 14/05/2014Australian Men's and Mixed Thirtieth National Netball Championships
  96. 14/05/2014Literacy for Life Foundation
  97. 13/05/2014QWNNSW Fair Trading My Place Programs
  98. 07/05/2014QWNHome Building Regulation
  99. 27/03/2014QWNRoads Clearway Strategy
  100. 27/03/2014International Women's Day 2014
  101. 25/03/20142RCrimes Amendment (Provocation) Bill 2014
  102. 25/03/2014QWNHunter Expressway
  103. 19/03/2014ADJBallina Shire Koalas
  104. 18/03/2014REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  105. 18/03/2014QWNNorthConnex Motorway
  106. 06/03/2014QWNOld Wallgrove Road Upgrade
  107. 06/03/2014Crown Lands Review
  108. 05/03/2014QWNAboriginal Non-government Disability Services
  109. 04/03/2014Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  110. 04/03/2014WestConnex Motorway
  111. 26/11/2013QWNThe Junction Works Disability Services
  112. 20/11/20132RMotor Dealers and Repairers Bill 2013
  113. 20/11/2013QWNPeople with Disability Mealtime Safety
  114. 14/11/20132RSame-Sex Marriage Bill 2013
  115. 13/11/2013ADJWomen's Rights
  116. 13/11/2013Emmaline Pankhurst "Freedom or Death" Address 100th Anniversary
  117. 12/11/2013QWNSupported Living Fund
  118. 30/10/2013QWNWeekend Pedestrian Safety
  119. 29/10/20132R;3RNational Disability Insurance Scheme (NSW Enabling) Bill 2013
  120. 24/10/2013REPCommittee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  121. 23/10/2013QWNRoads and Maritime Services Staff Awards
  122. 17/10/2013ADJCommonwealth Parliamentary Association Study Tour
  123. 17/10/2013QWNAgeing Strategy
  124. 17/10/2013REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  125. 16/10/2013QWNBeach Access for Disabled
  126. 16/10/20132RGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2013
  127. 15/10/2013QWNWestConnex Motorway
  128. 18/09/2013QWNMounted Police Unit Awards
  129. 17/09/2013Business of the House
  130. 12/09/2013QWNFire and Rescue NSW Firefighter Recruitment
  131. 11/09/2013QWNNatural Disaster Management Strategy
  132. 29/08/2013QWNCentral Business District Motorcycle Response Team
  133. 29/08/2013National Action Day Against Bullying and Violence
  134. 28/08/2013ADJYouth Off The Streets Fundraising Dinner
  135. 28/08/20132R;3RMarine Parks Amendment (Moratorium) Bill 2013
  136. 27/08/2013QWNPolice Attestation Ceremony
  137. 22/08/2013QWNSydney International Boat Show
  138. 22/08/2013National Action Day Against Bullying and Violence
  139. 22/08/2013Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Act 1975: Disallowance of the...
  140. 22/08/2013Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Act 1975: Disallowance of Sta...
  141. 26/06/20132R;3RPorts Assets (Authorised Transactions) Amendment Bill 2013
  142. 26/06/2013QWNSydney Harbour Floating Heliport
  143. 20/06/2013QWNState Budget and Freight Infrastructure
  144. 20/06/20133RPublic Health Amendment (Vaccination of Children Attending Child Care ...
  145. 19/06/2013ADJMotor Industry
  146. 19/06/20132RPublic Health Amendment (Vaccination of Children Attending Child Care ...
  147. 19/06/20132R;3RLocal Government Amendment (Conduct of Elections) Bill 2013
  148. 18/06/2013QWNState Budget and Emergency Services
  149. 28/05/2013ADJYoung Offender Statistics
  150. 28/05/20132R;3RIndependent Commission Against Corruption and Other Legislation Amendm...
  151. 28/05/2013QWNNSW Police Force Forensic Evidence Management
  152. 21/05/2013QWNBoat Trailer Parking
  153. 21/05/2013Budget Estimates 2013-14
  154. 08/05/20132R;3RHealth Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  155. 08/05/2013QWNRiverwood North Social Housing Project
  156. 07/05/2013QWNNSW Police Force Newly Attested Officers
  157. 07/05/2013Sessional Orders
  158. 02/05/2013ADJTribute to Mr Jim Carey
  159. 30/04/2013REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  160. 30/04/2013REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  161. 27/03/2013Business of the House
  162. 26/03/20132R;3RIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Disciplinary Proc...
  163. 25/03/2013QWNWork Health and Safety Legislation
  164. 20/03/2013QWNICT Services Scheme
  165. 19/03/2013QWNSydney Water Cooks River and Powells Creek Projects
  166. 14/03/2013ADJAustralian Labor Party Member Conduct
  167. 14/03/2013The Hon. Walt Secord Comments
  168. 13/03/20132R;3RLiquor Amendment (Small Bars) Bill 2013
  169. 13/03/2013QWNHousing NSW Maintenance Services Contract
  170. 12/03/20132RPowers of Attorney Amendment Bill 2013
  171. 26/02/2013QWNNatural Disasters Assistance
  172. 21/02/2013ADJAustralian Labor Party Reforms
  173. 20/02/2013Natural Disasters Emergency Services Response
  174. 19/02/2013REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  175. 19/02/2013REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  176. 22/11/2012QWNWater Industry Regulation
  177. 21/11/2012ADJWaste Levy
  178. 21/11/20122R;3RSaint John's College Amendment Bill 2012
  179. 21/11/2012QWNSecurity Industry
  180. 15/11/2012QWNMobility Scooter Safety
  181. 13/11/2012ADJRegional Air Services
  182. 23/10/2012QWNStreamwatch Program
  183. 18/10/2012QWNNSW Police Force Aboriginal Program
  184. 18/10/2012Organ Donation
  185. 17/10/20122R;3RCoastal Protection Amendment Bill 2012
  186. 16/10/2012QWNBotswana Fire Management Assistance Program
  187. 19/09/20122R;3RClassification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Am...
  188. 19/09/2012Anti-Islamic Film Protest
  189. 18/09/2012QWNICT Advisory Panel
  190. 13/09/2012ADJ;REPVisitor Economy Taskforce Report
  191. 11/09/2012QWNCouncil Security Deposits
  192. 05/09/20122R;3RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Adjustment of Areas) Bill 2012
  193. 05/09/2012QWNIndigenous Police Recruiting Our Way Delivery Program
  194. 04/09/2012ADJLennox Head Swamp Wallabies
  195. 23/08/2012QWNSmoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme
  196. 22/08/20122R;3RFines Amendment Bill 2012
  197. 15/08/20122R;3RTobacco Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  198. 15/08/2012QWNHunter Infrastructure
  199. 15/08/20122R;3RInspector of Custodial Services Bill 2012
  200. 14/08/2012REPStanding Committee on Social Issues
  201. 20/06/2012ADJGreenmoney Recycling Rewards Program
  202. 19/06/2012QWNPinch Point Program
  203. 19/06/20122R;3RCity of Sydney Amendment (Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committ...
  204. 13/06/2012QWNState Budget and Emergency Services
  205. 12/06/2012ADJHomelessness
  206. 31/05/2012QWNBig Issue Street Football Festival
  207. 31/05/2012Marriage Equality
  208. 30/05/20122R;3RElectricity Generator Assets (Authorised Transactions) Bill 2012
  209. 29/05/2012QWNAnimal Smuggling
  210. 24/05/2012QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  211. 22/05/2012QWNStealing From Motor Vehicles
  212. 08/05/2012ADJAustralian Rural Health Research Collaboration
  213. 01/05/2012QWNCompulsory Third Party Insurance Premiums
  214. 01/05/20122RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill 2012
  215. 04/04/2012QWNElectronic Motorway User Pass
  216. 03/04/2012QWNChild Abduction Alert System
  217. 02/04/2012QWNOperation Merge
  218. 28/03/2012ADJWater Fluoridation
  219. 28/03/2012QWNPolice Graduations
  220. 27/03/20122RMining Legislation Amendment (Uranium Exploration) Bill 2012
  221. 15/03/2012QWNCentral Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee
  222. 14/03/20122R;3REducation Amendment (Record of School Achievement) Bill 2012
  223. 14/03/20122R;3RChildren (Detention Centres) Amendment (Serious Young Offenders Review...
  224. 14/03/2012QWNUnpaid Fines
  225. 08/03/2012QWNWorkCover
  226. 07/03/2012ADJEnvite National Green Job Corps Project
  227. 07/03/2012QWNSupply Management Fee
  228. 06/03/2012QWNHunters Hill Radioactive Waste
  229. 22/02/2012QWNRoad Safety
  230. 21/02/2012QWNNatural Disaster Relief
  231. 16/02/2012QWNNSW Police Force Dog Unit
  232. 15/02/20122R;3RElection Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Amendment Bill 2011
  233. 15/02/2012QWNOperation Simmer IV
  234. 14/02/2012QWNPublic Transport Security
  235. 08/09/2011ADJAustralia New Zealand School of Government
  236. 08/09/2011QWNFire and Rescue NSW
  237. 06/09/20112R;3RResidential Parks Amendment (Register) Bill 2011
  238. 26/08/2011ADJFuneral Industry
  239. 26/08/2011QWNTelopea Urban Renewal Project
  240. 24/08/2011QWNNorthern Suburbs Ocean Outfall
  241. 23/08/2011QWNAsbestos
  242. 10/08/2011QWNBushfire Arson
  243. 05/08/2011ADJNegotiations on Legislation
  244. 04/08/2011QWNWindsor Bridge Upgrade
  245. 23/06/2011ADJSolar Bonus Scheme
  246. 22/06/2011QWNCommunity Awareness of Policing Program
  247. 20/06/2011QWNWorkplace Health and Safety
  248. 16/06/2011QWNBoating Safety
  249. 02/06/2011QWNWaterways Safety
  250. 01/06/2011QWNState Records
  251. 31/05/20112R;3RLibrary Amendment Bill 2011
  252. 31/05/20112RLibrary Amendment Bill 2011
  253. 30/05/2011QWNBoating Safety
  254. 27/05/2011The Honourable Catherine Cusack
  255. 27/05/2011QWNFire and Rescue NSW
  256. 26/05/2011QWNEmergency Services
  257. 12/05/2011QWNAlcohol-related Violence
  258. 09/05/2011QWNIllawarra Football Facilities
  259. 06/05/2011National Tree Day and School Tree Day
  260. 02/12/2010ADJPort Macquarie Toxic Waste Dumping
  261. 02/12/2010QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  262. 24/11/20102R;3RFair Trading Amendment (Australian Consumer Law) Bill 2010
  263. 24/11/20102R;3RLocal Government Amendment (Environmental Upgrade Agreements) Bill 2010
  264. 24/11/20102R;3RNational Park Estate (South-Western Cypress Reservations) Bill 2010
  265. 11/11/2010Business of the House
  266. 11/11/2010QWNIndustrial Relations Commission Female Representation
  267. 11/11/20101R;2RLibrary Amendment (Arrangements for Mutual Provision of Library Servic...
  268. 10/11/2010QWNWSN Environmental Solutions Land
  269. 09/11/20102R;3RHealth Services Amendment (Local Health Networks) Bill 2010
  270. 09/11/20103RNature Conservation Trust Amendment Bill 2010
  271. 09/11/20102RNature Conservation Trust Amendment Bill 2010
  272. 09/11/20102R;3ROccupational Licensing (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2010
  273. 28/10/20102RRadiation Control Amendment Bill 2010
  274. 28/10/2010National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974: Disallowance of National Parks a...
  275. 27/10/20102R;3RElectricity Supply Amendment (Solar Bonus Scheme) Bill 2010
  276. 26/10/20102R;3RDrug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Medically Supervised Injecting ...
  277. 26/10/20102R;3RProtection of the Environment Operations Amendment (Environmental Moni...
  278. 20/10/20102R;3RCoastal Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  279. 20/10/20102RCoastal Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  280. 20/10/2010Solar Bonus Scheme
  281. 20/10/2010QWNParliamentary Accounting Standards Training
  282. 20/10/2010Solar Bonus Scheme
  283. 20/10/2010Business of the House
  284. 19/10/20102R;3RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Adjustment of Areas) Bill 2010
  285. 23/09/2010QWNPublic Ownership of Beaches
  286. 22/09/2010QWNPublic Ownership of Beaches
  287. 09/09/2010Equal Pay Day
  288. 09/09/2010Business of the House
  289. 08/09/20102R;3RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  290. 07/09/20102RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  291. 02/09/2010QWNBulli Seams Operations Project
  292. 01/09/2010Barangaroo Development
  293. 24/06/2010Bushfire Hazard Reduction
  294. 24/06/2010Business of the House
  295. 23/06/20102R;3RHome Building Amendment (Warranties and Insurance) Bill 2010
  296. 23/06/20102R;3RFair Trading Amendment (Unfair Contract Terms) Bill 2010
  297. 23/06/2010Business of the House
  298. 10/06/2010ADJNational Parks and Reserves
  299. 09/06/20102R;3RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Visitors and Tourists) Bill 2010
  300. 09/06/2010Business of the House
  301. 08/06/20102R;3RThreatened Species Conservation Amendment (Biodiversity Certification)...
  302. 02/06/2010ADJMinister for Water
  303. 02/06/2010QWNNepean River Development
  304. 01/06/20102R;3RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment Bill 2010
  305. 01/06/2010QWNOrchard Hills Waste and Resource Management Facility
  306. 20/05/2010Agricultural Shows and Town Festivals
  307. 19/05/20102R;3RNational Park Estate (Riverina Red Gum Reservations) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  308. 18/05/2010ADJPenrith Sewage Treatment Plant
  309. 13/05/2010QWNWSN Environmental Solutions
  310. 12/05/2010ADJOrchard Hills Waste and Resource Management Facility
  311. 12/05/20102R;3RRelationships Register Bill 2010
  312. 12/05/2010QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  313. 11/05/2010QWNKillalea State Park
  314. 22/04/2010ADJAboriginal Heritage and National Parks
  315. 22/04/2010QWNGoolawah Estate Development
  316. 21/04/20102R;3RNational Parks and Wildlife (Broken Head Nature Reserve) Bill 2009
  317. 20/04/2010QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  318. 18/03/20102R;3RWaste Recycling and Processing Corporation (Authorised Transaction) Bi...
  319. 17/03/2010Sydney Landfill Capacity
  320. 17/03/2010Business of the House
  321. 17/03/20101RWaste Recycling and Processing Corporation (Authorised Transaction) Bi...
  322. 16/03/20102RCredit (Commonwealth Powers) Bill 2010
  323. 11/03/2010International Women's Day
  324. 11/03/2010Business of the House
  325. 11/03/2010QWNYasmar House and Gardens
  326. 10/03/2010ADJNational Parks and Tourism
  327. 25/02/2010Retirement Villages Act 1999: Disallowance of Retirement Villages Regu...
  328. 25/02/2010QWNCalga Sand Mine
  329. 25/02/2010Retirement Villages Act 1999: Disallowance of Retirement Villages Regu...
  330. 24/02/2010ADJRiver Red Gum Logging
  331. 03/12/2009QWNBlue Mountains Bushfire Management
  332. 01/12/2009QWNBeach Water Quality
  333. 01/12/20092R;3RElectricity Supply Amendment (GGAS) Bill 2009
  334. 26/11/2009ADJGardens of Stone National Park
  335. 26/11/20092R;3RTrade Measurement (Repeal) Bill 2009
  336. 26/11/2009National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974: Disallowance of National Parks a...
  337. 26/11/2009QWNTaronga Conservation Society
  338. 25/11/20092R;3RPersonal Property Securities (Commonwealth Powers) Amendment Bill 2009
  339. 25/11/2009National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974: Disallowance of National Parks a...
  340. 24/11/20092RElectricity Supply Amendment (Solar Bonus Scheme) Bill 2009
  341. 24/11/2009QWNNational Parks and Wildlife Service Staffing
  342. 10/11/2009QWNSolar Energy Feed-in Tariffs
  343. 28/10/2009QWNClimate Change Fund Grants
  344. 27/10/2009QWNLeafs Gully Power Plant
  345. 22/10/2009QWNEastern Creek Waste Recycling
  346. 21/10/2009ADJEnvironmental Decision-making
  347. 21/10/2009QWNEnergy Efficiency Audits
  348. 21/10/20092REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Restoration of Commun...
  349. 20/10/2009QWNClimate Change Action Plan
  350. 24/09/2009Double Bay Development
  351. 24/09/2009QWNWaste and Environment Levy
  352. 23/09/2009ADJFeral Animals
  353. 23/09/2009QWNAir Pollution Forecasts
  354. 22/09/2009QWNRecycling
  355. 22/09/2009Death of the Honourable Virginia Anne Chadwick, AO, a Former Member of...
  356. 10/09/2009ADJAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
  357. 09/09/20092REducation Further Amendment (Publication of School Results) Bill 2009
  358. 09/09/2009Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  359. 03/09/2009Minister for Education and Training
  360. 03/09/2009Business of the House
  361. 03/09/2009QWNLachlan Macquarie Statue
  362. 02/09/2009Electricity Supply Amendment (GGAS Abatement Certificates) Bill 2009
  363. 23/06/2009QWNPublic Sector Jobs
  364. 18/06/2009Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
  365. 18/06/2009Business of the House
  366. 18/06/2009QWNKosciusko National Park Toward Centenary Project
  367. 18/06/20092RWaste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (Container Recovery) Bill 2008
  368. 17/06/2009ADJRaiders Oval, Lake Cathie
  369. 17/06/20092R;3RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Mortgagee Repossessions) Bill 2009
  370. 17/06/20092RElectricity Supply Amendment (GGAS Abatement Certificates) Bill 2009
  371. 16/06/20093RElectricity Supply Amendment (Energy Savings) Bill 2009
  372. 16/06/20092RElectricity Supply Amendment (Energy Savings) Bill 2009
  373. 04/06/2009Wallaga Lake Aboriginal Community Asbestos Waste
  374. 03/06/20091R;2R;3RHeritage Amendment Bill 2009
  375. 13/05/20092R;3RHome Building Amendment (Insurance) Bill 2009
  376. 12/05/2009ADJBlue Gum Preservation
  377. 07/05/2009ADJWallaga Lake Aboriginal Community Asbestos Waste
  378. 07/05/2009QWNPublic Sector Wage Increases
  379. 07/05/2009Lake Innes Nature Reserve
  380. 07/05/2009Business of the House
  381. 06/05/2009Victorian Bushfires
  382. 02/04/20092R;3RChildren Legislation Amendment (Wood Inquiry Recommendations) Bill 2009
  383. 01/04/2009ADJRecycling
  384. 01/04/2009QWNPrivatisation
  385. 31/03/20092R;3RAssociations Incorporation Bill 2009
  386. 26/03/2009ADJSchool Solar Panel Tendering
  387. 26/03/2009High-front Roof Gutters
  388. 26/03/2009Mid North Coast Health Services
  389. 24/03/2009QWNState Triple-A Credit Rating
  390. 12/03/2009QWNWagga Wagga Probation and Parole Service Office Relocation
  391. 12/03/2009QWNWagga Wagga Probation and Parole Service Office Relocation
  392. 03/12/20082R;3RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill 2008
  393. 02/12/2008ADJTelecommunication Service Providers
  394. 02/12/20082RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill 2008
  395. 27/11/20081R;2RPublic Sector Employment and Management Further Amendment Bill 2008
  396. 12/11/20082RHome Building Amendment Bill 2008
  397. 12/11/2008Green Slip Fee
  398. 12/11/2008QWNGovernment Wages Policy
  399. 11/11/2008ADJMini-Budget
  400. 30/10/2008QWNTreasury Investments
  401. 29/10/20082RHome Building Amendment Bill 2008
  402. 29/10/2008Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  403. 22/10/2008REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  404. 23/09/20081RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill 2008
  405. 26/06/2008ADJBeechwood Homes
  406. 26/06/2008QWNBeechwood Homes
  407. 24/06/20082R;3RCourts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 Children (Criminal P...
  408. 24/06/2008QWNThe Hon. John Della Bosca, MLC: Iguanas Waterfront Restaurant Incident
  409. 18/06/20082R;3RConsumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal Amendment Bill 2008
  410. 17/06/2008QWNElectricity Industry Privatisation
  411. 05/06/2008ADJBeechwood Homes
  412. 04/06/2008REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 2
  413. 04/06/2008QWNFuel Subsidy
  414. 03/06/20082R;3RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Same Sex Relationships) Bill 2008
  415. 03/06/2008QWNFuel Subsidy
  416. 15/05/2008QWNBeechwood Homes
  417. 07/05/20082R;3RPublic Sector Employment and Management Amendment Bill 2008
  418. 06/05/2008QWNElectricity Industry Privatisation
  419. 10/04/20081R;2RFair Trading Amendment (Mandatory Funeral Industry Code) Bill 2008
  420. 10/04/2008QWNPetrol Price False Advertising
  421. 08/04/2008QWNFuneral Contractors Allegations
  422. 02/04/2008ADJFuel Prices
  423. 06/03/20082R;3RCrimes Amendment (Drink and Food Spiking) Bill 2008
  424. 06/03/2008Violence Against Women
  425. 06/03/2008Paid Maternity Leave
  426. 06/03/2008Paid Maternity Leave
  427. 05/03/20082R;3RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Car Hoons) Bill 2008
  428. 28/02/2008ADJGuttering
  429. 28/02/2008QWNSchool Maintenance and Repairs
  430. 05/12/2007ADJMortgage Broking Industry
  431. 05/12/20072R;3RCommission for Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2007
  432. 05/12/2007QWNAnzac Rifle Range, Malabar
  433. 05/12/20072R;3RChild Protection (Offenders Registration) Amendment Bill 2007
  434. 04/12/2007REPPrivileges Committee
  435. 29/11/2007ADJConsumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal Code of Conduct
  436. 28/11/2007REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  437. 27/11/2007QWNCasino to Murwillumbah Rail Line
  438. 27/11/20072R;3RConsumer Claims Amendment Bill
  439. 15/11/2007Crimes Amendment (Consent-Sexual Assault Offences) Bill 2007
  440. 15/11/2007Business of the House
  441. 14/11/2007Business of the House
  442. 13/11/20072R;3RCrimes Amendment (Consent-Sexual Assault Offences) Bill 2007
  443. 13/11/2007QWNTeacher Selection
  444. 08/11/2007Care and Protection of Vulnerable Children
  445. 07/11/2007QWNDNA Evidence Collection: Ombudsman's Recommendations
  446. 07/11/2007QWNDNA Evidence Collection: Ombudsman's Recommendations
  447. 06/11/2007QWNDrugs in Schools
  448. 06/11/20072R;3RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Written-off Vehicles) Bill 2007
  449. 25/10/20073RBail Amendment Bill 2007
  450. 25/10/2007QWNByron Bay Crown Land Transfers
  451. 24/10/20072R;3RTrade Measurement Legislation Amendment Bill 2007
  452. 24/10/2007Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  453. 18/10/2007Parliamentary Remuneration Act: Disallowance of Parliamentary Remunera...
  454. 17/10/20072R;3RAssociations Incorporation Amendment (Cancellation of Incorporation) B...
  455. 17/10/20072R;3RMotor Dealers Amendment Bill 2007
  456. 17/10/20072RMotor Dealers Amendment Bill 2007
  457. 26/09/2007Public School System
  458. 28/06/20072R;3RFair Trading Amendment (Funeral Goods and Services) Bill 2007
  459. 27/06/2007QWNGymea Bay Public School
  460. 26/06/20072RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bi...
  461. 26/06/2007QWNLennox Head Community Centre Relocation Williams Reserve Rural Fire Se...
  462. 20/06/2007ADJNRMA Vehicle Inspection Service
  463. 20/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  464. 07/06/2007QWNLand and Property Information Registration Fees
  465. 07/06/2007QWNLand and Property Information Registration Fees
  466. 31/05/20072R;3RAnti-Discrimination Amendment (Offender Compensation) Bill 2007
  467. 31/05/2007Cricket Australia Zimbabwe Tour Cancellation
  468. 30/05/20072R;3RCommission for Children and Young People Amendment (Parliamentary Join...
  469. 29/05/2007MFS Group Aged Rental Accommodation
  470. 09/05/2007QWNCasino to Murwillumbah Rail Line
  471. 08/05/2007ADJPacific Highway Upgrade
  472. 22/11/2006QWNParramatta Children's Court Criminal Jurisdiction Centralisation
  473. 22/11/2006Questions and Answers Paper
  474. 21/11/2006ADJRetiring Members of Parliament
  475. 21/11/20062R;COMMCrimes and Courts Legislation Amendment Bill
  476. 21/11/2006QWNYasmar Juvenile Justice Site Use
  477. 16/11/2006ADJNetball New South Wales Awards Sydney Schoolgirls Breakfast with the Stars
  478. 15/11/20062R;COMMChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Miscellaneous Amendme...
  479. 15/11/2006QWNRecidivism Rates
  480. 14/11/20062R;COMMMount Panorama Motor Racing Amendment Bill
  481. 26/10/20062RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Sexual and Other Offences) Bill
  482. 26/10/2006QWNFrank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre
  483. 25/10/2006QWNFrank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre
  484. 19/10/20062R;COMMCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill
  485. 19/10/20062RFreedom of Information Amendment (Improving Public Access to Informati...
  486. 19/10/2006REPCronulla Riots Report
  487. 18/10/2006ADJTweed Development and Employment
  488. 18/10/20062RPassenger Transport Amendment Bill
  489. 18/10/2006QWNDepartment of Juvenile Justice Aboriginal Youth Officers
  490. 17/10/20062R;3RCrimes (Appeal and Review) Amendment (Double Jeopardy) Bill Crimes (Ap...
  491. 17/10/2006QWNBatemans Bay Game Fishing Club Crown Land Lease
  492. 27/09/2006ADJParliamentary Democracy and Media Reporting
  493. 27/09/20062RCrimes Amendment (Apprehended Violence) Bill
  494. 27/09/20062RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Parent Res...
  495. 27/09/2006QWNReiby Juvenile Justice Centre Disturbances
  496. 26/09/2006QWNReiby Juvenile Justice Centre Disturbances
  497. 26/09/2006QWNJuvenile Justice Centres and Pay Television Removal
  498. 21/09/2006ADJJuvenile Justice Front-line Staff Acknowledgement
  499. 21/09/2006QWNKeelong Detention Centre
  500. 20/09/2006QWNJuvenile Sex Offenders
  501. 20/09/20062RTransport Administration Amendment (Travel Concession) Bill
  502. 19/09/2006QWNNewcastle Rail Line
  503. 07/09/2006Casino to Murwillumbah Rail Services
  504. 06/09/2006ADJSex Offenders Register
  505. 05/09/2006ADJPaedophile Parole and Child Protection
  506. 30/08/2006ADJJuniperina Juvenile Justice Centre
  507. 29/08/2006QWNJuniperina Detention Centre
  508. 08/06/2006QWNJuvenile Justice Staff Court Appearances
  509. 07/06/2006ADJTamworth West Public School Facilities and Combined Schools Proposal
  510. 07/06/2006QWNState Budget Expenses Growth
  511. 06/06/20062RChildren (Detention Centres) Amendment Bill
  512. 06/06/2006QWNDepartment of Juvenile Justice Land and Buildings Assets
  513. 25/05/2006QWNHeavy Vehicle Inspections
  514. 24/05/20062RSummary Offences Amendment (Display of Spray Paint Cans) Bill
  515. 24/05/2006QWNJuvenile Justice Centres Funding
  516. 23/05/2006ADJYasmar House and Gardens
  517. 11/05/2006ADJAustralian Labor Party use of Statistics
  518. 11/05/20062RAir Transport Amendment Bill
  519. 11/05/2006QWNBallina and Bonville Bypasses
  520. 11/05/2006Business of the House
  521. 10/05/2006Drug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment Bill
  522. 10/05/20062RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  523. 10/05/2006REPSelect Committee On Juvenile Offenders
  524. 10/05/2006QWNCasino To Murwillumbah Rail Line
  525. 09/05/2006QWNYasmar Juvenile Justice Centre Site Use
  526. 04/05/2006QWNJuvenile Justice Staff Court Appearances
  527. 03/05/2006ADJYasmar Juvenile Justice Centre Site Use
  528. 03/05/2006QWNPrison Riot Teams
  529. 02/05/2006Federal Government Industrial Relations Legislation
  530. 02/05/2006QWNYasmar Juvenile Justice Centre Site Use
  531. 06/04/2006ADJCountry Women's Association
  532. 06/04/2006QWNYoung Offender Case Files
  533. 05/04/2006QWNDepartment of Juvenile Justice Staff Training
  534. 30/03/2006QWNM5 East Tunnel Air Pollution
  535. 29/03/2006QWNPolice Water Cannon Use
  536. 28/03/2006ADJByron Bay Governance
  537. 28/03/2006QWNPolice Water Cannon Use
  538. 07/03/20062R;COMMTransport Administration Amendment (Public Transport Ticketing Corpora...
  539. 02/03/2006ADJOffice of Women
  540. 01/03/2006Honourable Member for Orange
  541. 01/03/2006QWNPacific Highway Tolls
  542. 01/03/2006Honourable Member for Orange
  543. 28/02/2006QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  544. 15/12/2005ADJAustralian Culture and Society
  545. 29/11/2005Death of the Honourable John Patrick Ducker, AO, a former Member of th...
  546. 29/11/2005QWNDepartment of Education and Training Workers Compensation Premiums
  547. 17/11/2005Pacific Highway Freight Transport
  548. 17/11/2005QWNPublic Schools Science Curriculum
  549. 17/11/2005QWNAnwar Hisam Al Barq Prisons Access
  550. 16/11/2005ADJPacific Highway Upgrade Fifteenth Anniversary of the Election to Parli...
  551. 16/11/2005Women's Refuge Movement
  552. 15/11/2005Select Committee into the Cross-City Tunnel
  553. 10/11/2005Mr Van Tuong Nguyen Clemency Plea
  554. 19/10/2005ADJSpeed on Tweed Banora Point Senior High School Casino to Murwillumbah ...
  555. 18/10/20052R;3RLuna Park Site Amendment (Noise Control) Bill
  556. 18/10/20052RCrimes Amendment (Road Accidents) (Brendan's Law) Bill
  557. 18/10/2005QWNAboriginal Trust Funds Payback Scheme
  558. 13/10/2005QWNJuvenile Justice Centre Staffing
  559. 12/10/2005ADJTribute to John Brogden, a Former Leader of the Opposition
  560. 12/10/2005REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 3
  561. 11/10/2005QWNReiby Juvenile Justice Centre Security
  562. 22/09/2005QWNMinister for Juvenile Justice Portfolio Responsibilities
  563. 20/09/2005ADJHuman Kindness
  564. 20/09/2005Australian Labor Party Attitude to Aboriginal People
  565. 20/09/2005QWNHit-and-run Accident Law Reform
  566. 20/09/2005URG MOTAustralian Labor Party Attitude Toward Aboriginal People
  567. 15/09/2005QWNJuvenile Justice Administration
  568. 15/09/2005Business of the House
  569. 14/09/2005ADJTamworth Women's Refuge
  570. 14/09/2005QWNInner City Schools Redevelopment Loans
  571. 13/09/2005QWNOtto Darcy-Searle Parole Transfer
  572. 23/06/20052R;COMM;3RPassenger Transport Amendment (Maintenance of Bus Services) Amendment Bill
  573. 23/06/2005QWNTuggerawong Public School
  574. 22/06/2005ADJNorth Coast Film-making Course
  575. 22/06/2005QWNSouth Grafton High School Computers Access
  576. 21/06/2005QWNSchool Students Literacy Levels
  577. 09/06/2005Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  578. 09/06/2005QWNIngleburn Public School Bullying
  579. 09/06/2005Public Schools English as a Second Language Services
  580. 08/06/2005ADJRegional Conservatoriums of Music
  581. 08/06/20052R;3R;COMMOccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Workplace Deaths) Bill
  582. 08/06/20052R;COMM;3RRural Workers Accommodation Amendment Bill
  583. 08/06/20052R;COMMSydney University Settlement Incorporation Amendment Bill
  584. 08/06/2005QWNSouth Sydney High School Student Attack
  585. 08/06/2005Disability Programs Funding
  586. 07/06/2005QWN;REPSchool Report Cards
  587. 25/05/2005ADJChild Death Review Team Data
  588. 25/05/2005QWNStudents Special Transport Scheme Review
  589. 06/05/2005QWNHospitals and Juvenile Detention Centres Schools
  590. 06/05/2005School Student Absences
  591. 04/05/20052R;COMMCriminal Procedure Further Amendment (Evidence) Bill
  592. 04/05/2005COMMCrimes Amendment (Grievous Bodily Harm) Bill
  593. 04/05/2005REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 4
  594. 04/05/2005QWNAboriginal Students Educational Opportunities
  595. 03/05/2005QWNTAFE Substituted Student Records Investigation
  596. 06/04/2005Death of His Holiness Pope John Paul II
  597. 06/04/2005REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 3
  598. 05/04/2005QWNNon-Government Schools Funding
  599. 22/03/2005ADJInternational Women's Day Functions
  600. 22/03/2005QWNTamworth School Proposal
  601. 03/03/2005Victorian Trades Hall Council Remembrance Day Protest Rally
  602. 03/03/2005QWNIndustrial Relations Commission Female Appointments
  603. 02/03/2005QWNBefore Common Era Date Reference
  604. 01/03/2005QWNRural Fire Service Tankers
  605. 24/02/2005ADJOrana Detention Centre
  606. 24/02/20052R;COMMGovernment School Assets Register Bill
  607. 22/02/2005QWNTeaching Standards
  608. 09/12/20042R;3RJuvenile Offenders Legislation Amendment Bill
  609. 09/12/20042RJuvenile Offenders Legislation Amendment Bill
  610. 09/12/2004QWNKariong Juvenile Correctional Centre
  611. 07/12/2004ADJFederal Member for Richmond Justine Elliott
  612. 17/11/2004QWNKariong Juvenile Justice Centre Management
  613. 16/11/2004ADJChild Death Review Team Annual Report
  614. 16/11/2004QWNOffice for Women Role
  615. 11/11/2004ADJCarrie's Place Co-Op Ltd
  616. 11/11/20042RGovernment School Assets Register Bill
  617. 11/11/20041R;2RGovernment School Assets Register Bill
  618. 10/11/2004Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  619. 10/11/2004QWNKariong Juvenile Justice Centre Employees Redundancy and Retrenchment ...
  620. 09/11/2004QWNKariong Juvenile Justice Centre Objective Classification System
  621. 28/10/2004ADJJuvenile Justice Centres Adult Inmates
  622. 28/10/2004QWNMs Amber Foy Disability Accommodation
  623. 28/10/2004REPKariong Juvenile Justice Centre Report
  624. 28/10/2004Business of the House
  625. 27/10/2004ADJDeath of Dr Elizabeth Anne Kernohan, AM, a Former Member of the Legisl...
  626. 27/10/2004QWNIndustrial Relations System
  627. 27/10/2004General Purpose Standing Committee No. 3
  628. 27/10/2004Business of the House
  629. 26/10/2004Department of Education and Training Code of Conduct
  630. 20/10/2004QWNKariong Juvenile Justice Centre Occupational Health and Safety
  631. 19/10/2004QWNKariong Juvenile Justice Centre Occupational Health and Safety
  632. 23/09/2004QWNInner-city Schools Redevelopment Treasury Loan
  633. 22/09/2004ADJLeft-handers Day
  634. 22/09/2004General Purpose Standing Committee No. 3
  635. 22/09/2004Business of the House
  636. 22/09/2004QWNSchool and TAFE Capital Works
  637. 21/09/2004QWNKariong Juvenile Justice Centre Occupational Health and Safety
  638. 16/09/2004ADJKariong Juvenile Justice Centre
  639. 16/09/2004QWNDepartment of Corrective Services and Department of Juvenile Justice D...
  640. 14/09/2004QWNTweed Heads Workcover Office Closure
  641. 02/09/2004Rail Services
  642. 31/08/2004QWNGaming Machine Tax
  643. 29/06/20042R;COMMInstitute of Teachers Bill
  644. 29/06/2004Skilled Migrant Placement Program and Mature Workers Program
  645. 29/06/2004Business of the House
  646. 28/06/2004ADJAboriginal Armed Forces Service
  647. 28/06/2004QWNDepartment of Community Services Adolescent Services
  648. 28/06/20042RRegional Development Bill
  649. 24/06/20042RChild Protection (Offenders Prohibition Orders) Bill
  650. 24/06/20042R;COMMCriminal Procedure Amendment (Sexual Offence Evidence) Bill
  651. 24/06/20042RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  652. 23/06/2004REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 1
  653. 23/06/2004QWNWorkers Compensation Premiums
  654. 22/06/2004QWNCompetitive Tendering Policy
  655. 03/06/2004The Honourable Edward Moses Obeid
  656. 02/06/2004ADJPublic Libraries Funding
  657. 02/06/20042R;COMM;3RPassenger Transport Amendment (Bus Reform) Bill
  658. 02/06/2004Industrial Relations Commission Independence
  659. 02/06/2004Industrial Relations Commission Independence
  660. 01/06/2004QWNSydney Superdome Sale
  661. 13/05/2004QWNCasino to Murwillumbah Rail Line
  662. 12/05/2004ADJCannabis use and Mental Health
  663. 12/05/2004CountryLink Rail Services
  664. 12/05/2004Acmena Juvenile Justice Centre Riot
  665. 06/05/2004ADJCasino to Murwillumbah Rail Line
  666. 06/05/2004Federal Government Higher Education Funding
  667. 04/05/20042RCivil Liability Amendment (Offender Damages) Bill
  668. 04/05/20042RChildren (Detention Centres) Amendment Bill
  669. 04/05/2004QWNNorth Coast Rail Line
  670. 01/04/2004ADJCountrylink Rail Services
  671. 01/04/2004Pacific Highway Upgrade
  672. 01/04/2004QWNTrain Drivers Medical Testing
  673. 30/03/2004QWNTrain Drivers Medical Testing
  674. 18/03/2004Pacific Highway Upgrade
  675. 17/03/2004ADJInternational Women's Day
  676. 17/03/2004REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 2
  677. 17/03/2004REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 1
  678. 17/03/2004Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983: Disallowance of Aboriginal Land Right...
  679. 16/03/2004ADJDeath of Mr Mark D'arney, Parliamentary Library Systems Officer
  680. 16/03/2004QWNAusteel Pty Ltd
  681. 16/03/20042R;COMMRoad Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment (Alcohol) Bill
  682. 11/03/2004Aboriginal Trust Funds Payback Scheme
  683. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  684. 11/03/2004QWNIndustrial Relations Commission Female Appointments
  685. 11/03/2004QWNAusteel Pty Ltd
  686. 10/03/20042R;COMMEducation Amendment (Non-Government Schools Registration) Bill
  687. 10/03/2004QWNDetention Centre Building Standards
  688. 09/03/2004ADJDeath of Ms Caroline Anderson
  689. 09/03/2004QWNAcmena Juvenile Justice Centre Riot
  690. 26/02/2004Select Committee on Redfern Policing
  691. 26/02/2004QWNDepartment of Community Services Program for Adolescent Lifestyle Mana...
  692. 25/02/2004REPSydney Water Corporation and Internal Audit Bureau Management Services...
  693. 25/02/2004General Purpose Standing Committee No. 3
  694. 25/02/2004QWNImplementation of Regulations Under the Children and Young Persons (Ca...
  695. 02/12/2003QWNRail Infrastructure Maintenance
  696. 20/11/2003QWNParklea Correctional Centre Correctons Officer Assault
  697. 20/11/2003Tamworth West Public School
  698. 19/11/2003ADJTamworth West Public School Freedom of Information Application
  699. 19/11/20032R;COMM;3RWorkers Compensation Amendment (Insurance Reform) Bill
  700. 19/11/2003QWNMurwillumbah and Armidale Rail Services
  701. 18/11/2003QWNNorth Coast Rail Sleeper Project
  702. 13/11/2003QWNFluorotechnics Biotechnology Company
  703. 12/11/2003ADJPort Kembla Prostitution
  704. 11/11/2003QWNNorth Coast Rail Services
  705. 30/10/2003ADJHonourable Member for Tamworth and West Tamworth Public School
  706. 29/10/2003QWNFreightcorp Privatisation
  707. 28/10/2003ADJTribute to Mr Percy Tester
  708. 28/10/2003QWNFreightcorp Privatisation
  709. 15/10/20032REducation Amendment (Computing Skills) Bill
  710. 15/10/2003QWNDetention Centre Building Standards
  711. 14/10/20032RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bill
  712. 14/10/2003QWNTemora Women's Gathering
  713. 18/09/2003ADJMr Tony Windsor Federal Election Campaign Funding Disclosures
  714. 18/09/2003QWNCommissioner for Corrective Services Defamation Action
  715. 17/09/2003QWNHonourable Member for Wentworthville and Environmental Resources Manag...
  716. 16/09/2003QWNDr Yolande Lucire Correctional Centre Access
  717. 04/09/2003QWNDepartment of Community Services Walgett Caseworker Positions
  718. 02/09/2003QWNDepartment of Community Services Out-of-Home Care Services
  719. 03/07/2003QWNLithgow Correctional Centre Deputy Governor
  720. 02/07/2003QWNQantas North Coast Services
  721. 02/07/2003REPInspector-General of Corrective Services Review
  722. 02/07/2003QWNQantas Regional Services
  723. 01/07/2003QWNTransit Officers Self-Defence Training
  724. 26/06/2003QWNPolice Officers Rail Commuters Ticket Inspections
  725. 25/06/2003QWNCityrail Trains Data Loggers
  726. 24/06/2003QWNCityrail Services
  727. 29/05/2003Pacific Highway Upgrade
  728. 29/05/2003QWNDepartment of Community Services Sex Offenders Rehabilitation
  729. 28/05/2003QWNWaterfall Rail Accident Inquiry
  730. 27/05/2003QWNYouth Drug Court
  731. 22/05/20032RCrimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill
  732. 22/05/2003Public Education
  733. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  734. 21/05/2003QWNWagga Wagga Court Escort Security Unit Protected Disclosures
  735. 20/05/20032RLocal Government Amendment (National Competition Policy Review) Bill


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.