Standing orders

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Chapter 1 - General Conduct Of Business

1Standing Orders - repeal of previous Standing Orders

Chapter 2 - Proceedings On The Meeting Of Parliament

2Meeting of new Parliament - procedure for first day
3Meeting for new session - Governor's Speech
4Address in Reply - moved
5Address in Reply - precedence
6Address in Reply - adoption
7Address in Reply - presentation
8Presence of the Sovereign - Opening of Parliament

Chapter 3 - Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Assistant Speaker, Temporary Speakers and Officers

9Speaker - Election of - when Speaker elected
10Speaker - Election of - Constitution Act 1902
11Speaker - Election of - procedure after election of
12Deputy Speaker and Assistant Speaker - Election of - when
13Deputy Speaker - Election of - procedure
14Assistant Speaker - Election of - procedure
15Speaker - absence of
16Speaker - vacancy in Speakership
17Deputy Speaker, Assistant Speaker - vacancy in office
18Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Assistant Speaker - absence of all during session
19Temporary Speakers - nomination by Speaker
20Temporary Speakers - revocation of nomination
21Temporary Speakers - takes Chair when requested
22Clerk's absence or vacancy

Chapter 4 - Swearing Of Members, Roll, Register, Leave Of Absence

23Pledge of Loyalty - make after first day
24Roll of Members
25Register of Members
26Front Bench for Ministers
27Attendance of Members
28Leave of absence
29Leave of absence forfeited

Chapter 5 - Official Records Of The House

30Votes and Proceedings - Record of
31House Papers - daily publication
32Statutory Rules - publication
33Papers and Documents - custody of official records

Chapter 6 - Meeting And Adjournment Of The House

34Days and times of meeting
35Bells - warning bells
36Speaker takes the Chair
37Quorum - at time of meeting
38Quorum - absence of at time of meeting
39Prayer and acknowledgement of Country
40Quorum resumption of sitting without quorum
41Quorum - Absence of during sitting and subsequent count-out
42Quorum - Chair's discretion on further quorum
43Quorum - no quorum in division
44Quorum - disorder on call of quorum
45Quorum - restriction on quorum calls
46Adjournment and next meeting - adjournment of House by Minister
47Adjournment and next meeting - recall of House by Government
48Adjournment and next meeting - recall of House by majority of Members

Chapter 7 - Rules Of Debate And Privilege

49Order - Speaker maintains order
50Order - Members silent when Speaker rises
51Order - Members silent when question put
52Order - no noise or interruption of debate
53Order - no Member to pass between Chair
54Order - Members to be seated
55Manner and right of speech - Member seeking call
56Manner and right of speech - illness or disability
57Motion "That Member be now heard"
58Motion "That Member be not further heard"
59Manner and right of speech - irrelevance or tedious repetition
60Motion "That Member be further heard"
61Manner and right of speech - Member may speak
62Manner and right of speech - personal explanation
63Inaugural Speech
64Manner and right of speech - Member to speak once
65Manner and right of speech - Member briefly heard in explanation
67Reply - subject of reply
68Reply - reply closes debate
69Manner and right of speech - no Member to speak after question put
70Quotation from Hansard or newspaper
71Reflection on vote of the House
72Offensive words not to be used
73Reflection on Members by substantive motion only
74Quarrels not permitted
75Manner and right of speech - no Member to be referred to by name
78Question - request for question to be restated
79Interruptions not allowed - exceptions
80Matters not open to debate nor amendment
81Matters not open to debate - abuse of forms of the House
82Adjournment of debate
83Resumption of adjourned debate
84Adjournment of debate - mover of adjournment, if negatived, held to have spoken
85Maximum time limits for debates and speeches
86Motion "That the question be put"
87Closure - right of reply
88Closure - limitation of application
89Closure - consequential divisions
90Closure - allocation of time for debate (guillotine)
91Privilege or Contempt Suddenly Arising in the House
92Matters of privilege not suddenly arising
93Point of order
94Point of order - consideration of point of order
95Dissent from Speaker's ruling
96Leave of the House

Chapter 8 - Routine Of Business

97Routine of Business
98Friday sittings
99Placing or Disposal of Business - notices take precedence
100Placing or disposal of business
101Establishing program for General Business Days
102Government Business - Ministers may arrange
103Ministerial Statements - times for Ministerial Statements
104Ministerial Statements - Duration of Ministerial Statements
105General Business - precedence and lapsing of general business
106General Business - re-ordering
107General Business - Times for debate
108Procedure for General Business Notices of Motions and Private Members' Statements
109Motions Accorded Priority
110Matters of Public Importance
111Motions of no confidence in Government
111ANo Confidence in the Government
112Motions of no confidence in Minister
113Motions of no confidence in Speaker
114Motions of censure of a Member
115Motions of censure of Speaker
116Disallowance of Statutory Rules
117Unproclaimed Legislation
118Business with Precedence

Chapter 9 - Petitions

119Petitions - lodgement of petitions
120Petitions - Clerk's certificate
121Petitions - content of
122Petitions - must not contain
123Petitions - procedure for lodgement and presentation
124Petitions - deemed to have been received
125Petitions - referral to Minister

Chapter 10 - Questions Seeking Information

126Questions to Ministers
127Question to Chair of a committee
128Questions - Rules for questions
129Questions - answer relevant
130Questions - Answer not to debate
131Question Time
132Written Questions

Chapter 11 - Notices Of Motions

133Notices of Motions - notice given verbally
134Notices of Motions - copy handed to Clerk
135Notices of Motions - notice by another Member
136Notices of Motions - order on Business Paper
137Notices of Motions - argument or unbecoming expressions
138Notices of Motions - giving more than one notice
139Notices of Motions - alterations of notice
140Notices of Motions - precedence of motions
141Notices of Motions - postponement or withdrawal

Chapter 12 - Motions, Questions, Votes And Resolutions

142Motions - moving motions
143Motions - Speaker proposes question
144Motions - withdrawal of motion
145Motions - withdrawal of motion Member absent
146Motions - amendment proposed
147Motions - may be brought on again
148Motions - parts to be put as separate questions
149Motions - previous question
150Motions - previous question on series of resolutions
151Motions - question put
152Motions - question determined by the voices
153Motions - separation of complicated question
154Motions - same question not to be put
155Votes - recission
156Votes - corrections

Chapter 13 - Amendments

157Amendments - form of amendments
158Amendments - question in form "That the amendment be agreed to"
159Amendments - to be written and signed
160Amendments - relevant
161Amendments - not considered
162Amendments - amendment dealt with in order moved
163Amendments - withdrawal of amendment
164Amendments - amendment to amendment
165Amendments - form of question
166Amendments - original question amended

Chapter 14 - Orders Of The Day

167Orders of the Day - setting down business
168Orders of the Day - precedence
169Orders of the Day - no notice - order of the day
170Orders of the Day - postponement or discharge
171Orders of the Day - precedence for Member in charge
172Orders of the Day - restoration of lapsed order

Chapter 15 - Divisions

173Divisions - call for division
174Divisions - procedure for division
175Divisions - must vote as called
176Divisions - pecuniary interest
177Divisions - determining pecuniary interest
178Divisions - entitlement to vote
179Divisions - vote disallowed on motion
180Divisions - procedure for division
181Divisions - five Members or fewer, names recorded
182Divisions - error in tally
183Divisions - correction of records
184Divisions - Member presiding casting vote
185Divisions - successive divisions
186Divisions - pairs
187Divisions - restriction on divisions

Chapter 16 - Bills

188Bills - Introduction of bills
189Bills - procedure for urgent bills
190Bills - Governor's message required
191Bills - private Member may introduce public bill
192Bills - certain bills deemed public
193Cognate Bills - procedure for cognate bills
194Bills - agreement in principle and passing of cognate bills
195Bills - separate questions
196Bills - consideration of Council amendments
197Bills - presentation to the Governor
198Bills - agreement in principle - amendment - referral to committee
199Bills - agreement in principle - disposal of bill
200Bills - agreement in principle - amendment - deferral of question
201Bills - agreement in principle - report from committee
202Bills - discharge of order and introduction of second bill
203Bills - Proceedings after Agreement in Principle
204Bills - pro forma consideration in detail
205Bills - consideration in detail - preamble postponed
206Bills - consideration in detail - words of enactment not put
207Bills - consideration in detail - how clause read
208Bills - consideration in detail clauses read and put
209Bills - consideration in detail - order of consideration
210Bills - consideration in detail - amendments relevant
211Bills - consideration in detail - long title amended
212Bills - consideration in detail - clauses put as amended
213Bills - consideration in detail - clauses postponed
214Bills - consideration in detail - relevancy
215Bills - consideration in detail - reconsideration
216Bills - consideration in detail - referral to committee
217Bills - consideration in detail - reconsideration in whole or part
218Bills - bill passes
219Bills - corrections
220Bills - Clerk's certificate
221Bills - transmission to Council - message to Coucnil
222Bills - Council amendments to Assembly bills - return of bill with proposed amendments
223Bills - Council amendments to Assembly bills - consideration of Council amendments
224Bills - Coucnil amendments to Assembly bills - forms of question on Council amendments
225Bills - Council amendments to Assembly bills - amendments to Council amendments
226Bills - Council amendments to Assembly bills - Council response to amendments made on its amendments
227Bills - Council amendments to Assembly bills - messages on Council amendments
228Bills - Council bills - privileges not insisted upon
229Bills - Council bills - Procedure in the Assembly
230Bills - Council bills - return of Council bill
231Bills - Council bills - amendment of Council bill
232Bills - Council bills - schedule of amendments
233Bills - Council bills - consideration of disagreements in Council bills
234Bills - Council bills - agreement of amendments
235Bills - Council bills - message to contain written reasons for disagreeing to proposed Council amendments of Assembly amendments
236Bills - Council bills - further amendments
237Bills - Lapsed due to prorogation
238Bills - proceedings after consideration in detail
239Bills - presentation for assent - procedure after bills passed

Chapter 17 - Consideration In Detail

240Consideration in detail - motion
241Consideration in detail - greater or lesser sum, long or shorter title
242Consideration in detail - Member may speak more than once

Chapter 18 - Financial Procedures

243Financial Procedures - message from Governor
244Financial Procedures - message accompanying estimates
245Financial Procedures - consideration of Appropriation Bill in detail
246Financial Procedures - Estimates Committees

Chapter 19 - Messages From The Governor

247Messages from the Governor - Speaker to report
248Messages from the Governor - action on report

Chapter 20 - Disorder

249Disorder - Member repeatedly called to order
250Disorder - Member named for disorderly conduct
251Disorder - Member named - procedure after naming
252Disorder - Member named - duration of suspension
253Disorder - Member named - consequences of suspension
254Disorder - Expulsion
255Disorder - expulsion - criminal trial pending

Chapter 21 - Visitors

256Visitors - admission behind Chair
257Visitors - admission to galleries
258Visitors - notice of visitors taken
259Visitors - Chair may order withdrawal
260Visitors - removal of visitors
261Visitors - only admitted to public areas
262Visitors - not admitted to in camera proceedings
263Visitors - media

Chapter 22 - Papers And Documents

264Papers and Documents - Tabled papers
265Papers and Documents - Speaker tables papers
266Papers and Documents - printing of papers
267Papers and Documents - restricted inspection
268Papers and Documents - address for papers
269Papers and Documents - papers ordered
270Papers and Documents - distribution
271Papers and Documents - incorporation of material in Hansard

Chapter 23 - Committees

272Committees - general provisions
273Committees - number of Members
274Committees - appointment or discharge of Members
275Committees - Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Assistant Speaker exempt
276Committees - personal interest
277Committees - notice of appointment
278Committees - ballot
279Committees - first meeting
280Committees - quorum
281Committees - quorum not present at first meeting
282Committees - election of Chair and Deputy Chair
283Committees - casting and deliberate vote
284Committees - absence of Chair
285Committees - minutes
286Committees - quorum not present during meeting
287Committees - times of sitting
288Committees - persons, papers, records and exhibits
289Committees - witnesses
290Committees - counsel
291Committees - examination of witnesses
292Committees - recording of evidence
293Committees - correction of evidence
294Committees - admission to hearings
295Committees - deliberative meetings closed
296Committees - in camera evidence
297Committees - no disclosure unless authorised
298Committees - serious allegations to be reported immediately
299Committees - referrals and tabling of reports
300Committees - draft report
301Committees - consideration of draft report
302Committees - report - Chair to sign
303Committees - report tabled
303AGovernment responses to committee reports
304Committees - report - order to print
305Committees - report - tabling with the Clerk
306Committees - report - tabling in the House and debate
307Committees - report - action on report
308Committees - witnesses - payment of witnesses
309Committees - committee lists
310Committees - similar committees
311Committees - conference with Council committee
312Committees - conference desired by message
313Committees - communicate by word of mouth
314Committees - committee of House to report proceedings at a conference
315Committees - standing committees - appointment
316Committees - standing committees - rules
317Committees - standing committees
318Committees - Speaker ex-officio Member
319Committees - joint committees - names stated
320Committees - joint committees - first meeting
321Committees - joint committees - quorum
322Committees - joint committees - report
323Committees - legislation committees

Chapter 24 - Witnesses

324Witnesses - summons
325Witnesses - attendance of Member directed
326Witnesses - attendance requested
327Witnesses - request for Council attendance
328Witnesses - Coucnil request for Assembly attendance
329Witnesses - introduced by Serjeant-at-Arms
330Witnesses - Member examined in place
331Witnesses - Speaker puts questions
332Witnesses - Members may question
333Witnesses - objection to question
334Witnesses - officers not to give evidence without leave

Chapter 25 - Messages Between The House and the Legislative Council

335Messages between the House and the Legislative Council - communication by message
336Messages between the House and the Legislative Council - message conveying resolution
337Messages between the House and the Legislative Council - Speaker to sign
338Messages between the House and the Legislative Council - receipt of messages
339Messages between the House and the Legislative Council - report of messages
340Messages between the House and the Legislative Council - consideration of messages

Chapter 26 - Conferences Between The House And The Legislative Council

341Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - communication by conference
342Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - rules of ordinary conference
343Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - rules of free conference
344Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - motion
345Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - message
346Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - restriction on request for conference
347Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - ballot
348Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - House agreeing to conference not to appoint meeting
349Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - business suspended during conference
350Conferences between the House and the Legislative Council - report

Chapter 27 - Balloting

351Balloting - bells rung prior to ballot
352Balloting - procedure
353Balloting - closure of ballot

Chapter 28 - Addresses To The Sovereign And To The Governor

354Address to Governor
355Address to Governor - presentation of address
356Address to Sovereign
357Address to Governor - report of answer

Chapter 29 - Private Bills

358Private bills - procedure
359Private bills - general provisions apply
360Private bills - special rules
361Private bills - from Council
362Private Bills - not numbered
363Private bills - lapsed bill

Chapter 30 - Standing And Sessional Orders

364Sessional Orders - adoption
365Standing Orders - suspension of

Chapter 31 - Parliamentary Secretaries

366Parliamentary Secretaries

Chapter 32 - Proceedings Of The Legislative Assembly

367Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly - publication of Hansard
368Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly - filming and broadcast of proceedings