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This page lists all reports tabled since the commencement of the 56th Parliament in 2015. Click on the report for the full text of the report.

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Published     Report Title Committee            
04/04/2016Security classification and management of inmates sentenced to life imprisonmentLaw and Justice
23/03/2016Changes to the Routine of Business and consequential changes to the Sessional OrdersStanding Orders and Procedure (LA)
15/03/2016Examination of Auditor-General's performance audit reports September 2013 - July 2014Public Accounts
08/03/2016Review of the 2013-2014 annual reports of the ICAC and the Inspector of the ICACICAC Committee
03/03/2016Remedies for the serious invasion of privacy in New South WalesLaw and Justice
15/12/2015Vocational education and training in New South WalesGPSC 6
11/12/2015Service coordination in communities with high social needsSocial Issues
19/11/2015Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety in NSWStaysafe (Road Safety)
19/11/2015Changes to the Standing and Sessional OrdersStanding Orders and Procedure (LA)
17/11/2015Budget Estimates 2015-2016GPSC 5
17/11/2015Budget Estimates 2015-2016GPSC 2
17/11/2015Budget Estimates 2015-2016GPSC 1
17/11/2015Budget Estimates 2015-2016GPSC 6
17/11/2015Budget Estimates 2015-2016GPSC 3
17/11/2015Budget Estimates 2015-2016GPSC 4
10/11/2015Inquiry into the Regulation of BrothelsRegulation of Brothels
29/10/2015Registered nurses in New South Wales nursing homesGPSC 3
29/10/2015Local Government in New South WalesGPSC 6
22/10/2015The closure of public schools in New South WalesClosure of Public Schools
13/10/2015Report on the Parliamentary Budget Office 2015 Post-election ReportPublic Accounts
27/08/2015Inquiry into Companion Animal Breeding Practices in New South WalesCompanion Animal Breeding Practices in New South Wales
27/08/2015 Changes to the Standing and Sessional Orders, and the Citizen’s Right of Reply procedure Standing Orders and Procedure (LA)
25/08/2015Progress of the Ombudsman's investigation "Operation Prospect"GPSC 4
02/06/2015Leasing of electricity infrastructureLeasing of Electricity Infrastructure