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The NSW Parliamentary Research Service prepares papers for Members on legislation before the Parliament and on major issues of topical interest. Papers produced cover a broad range of subject areas, including law, politics, government, environment, economics and social issues.

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PublishedTitleReference ID
Apr 2016Serious Crime Prevention OrdersEB 03/2016
Mar 2016Cyberbullying of childrenEB 02/2016
Feb 2016The tax reform debate: GST and other optionsBF 01/2016
Feb 2016Radicalisation and Violent Extremism: Causes and ResponsesEB 01/2016
Jan 2016NSW Economic Update Summer 2016SI 01/2016
Jan 2016Multiculturalism: Key Issues and SourcesIB 01/2016
Dec 2015Future workforce trends in NSW: Emerging technologies and their potential impactBF 13/2015
Nov 2015NSW School Education: NAPLAN, Measurement and PerformanceBF 12/2015
Nov 2015Aboriginal cultural heritage protection: proposed reformsEB 22/2015
Oct 2015NSW Economic Update Spring 2015SI 05/2015
Oct 2015The Greater Sydney CommissionEB 20/2015
Oct 2015The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: NSW trade and a snapshot of the key issuesEB 21/2015
Oct 2015Northern Beaches labour force trendsEB 18/2015
Oct 2015Ryde labour force trendsEB 19/2015
Oct 2015North Sydney & Hornsby labour force trendsEB 17/2015
Oct 2015Central Coast labour force trendsEB 16/2015
Oct 2015Private rental housing and security of tenureEB 15/2015
Oct 2015Affordable rental housing: current policies and optionsBF 11/2015
Oct 2015Older prisoners: trends and challengesEB 14/2015
Sep 2015Affordable rental housing: the problem and its causesEB 13/2015
Sep 2015Hunter Valley labour force trendsEB 11/2015
Sep 2015Newcastle & Lake Macquarie labour force trendsEB 12/2015
Sep 2015Illawarra labour force trendsEB 10/2015
Sep 2015WestConnex: a timeline of key developmentsIB 03/2015
Sep 2015Funding Opportunities for Community GroupsIB 02/2015
Sep 2015Strata law reforms in NSWEB 09/2015
Aug 2015Western Sydney: an economic profileBF 10/2015
Aug 2015Farm trespass, surveillance and the Biosecurity Bill 2015EB 08/2015
Aug 2015Brothel regulation in NSWIB 01/2015
Aug 2015Revenge pornography, privacy and the lawEB 07/2015
Aug 2015Trends in NSW State finances: 2002-03 to 2015-16SI 04/2015
Jul 2015NSW Legislative Assembly election 2015: Two-party preferred results by polling place BP 02/2015
Jul 2015NSW Economic Update Winter 2015SI 03/2015
Jul 20152015 New South Wales Election: Analysis of ResultsBP 01/2015
Jul 2015NSW Rail Freight Transport and InfrastructureBF 09/2015
Jul 2015Uber and Airbnb: the legal and policy debate in NSWEB 06/2015
Jun 2015Right to farm lawsEB 05/2015
Jun 2015Sydney's road network: plans and prospectsBF 08/2015
Jun 2015Protests and the law in NSWBF 07/2015
Jun 2015Index of Victoria Cross Recipients by New South Wales State Electorate
Jun 2015External oversight of police conductBF 06/2015
May 2015E-cigarettes: regulatory and policy optionsEB 04/2015
May 2015ICAC v Cunneen: the power to investigate corrupt conductEB 03/2015
May 2015Domestic and Family ViolenceBF 05/2015
Apr 2015NSW Economic Update Autumn 2015SI 02/2015
Apr 2015Liquor licensing restrictions to address alcohol-related violence in NSW: 2008 to 2014EB 02/2015
Apr 2015Key Issues for the 56th ParliamentBF 04/2015
Mar 2015Pollution in Sydney Harbour: sewage, toxic chemicals and microplasticsBF 03/2015
Feb 2015Reducing adult reoffendingBF 02/2015
Jan 2015NSW Economic Update: January 2015SI 01/2015
Jan 2015A plunging oil price: implications and expectationsEB 01/2015
Jan 2015Integrity in government: issues and developments in New South Wales, 2011-2015BF 01/2015
Dec 2014Feral cats: Do Trap-Neuter-Return programs work?EB 18/2014
Dec 2014The Long Paddock: a legislative history of travelling stock reserves in NSWBF 07/2014
Nov 2014TAFE organisation and funding in NSW: past and presentEB 17/2014
Nov 2014Rising cost of living: myth or reality?EB 16/2014
Nov 2014A statistical snapshot of crime and justice in New South WalesSI 10/2014
Nov 2014Crown land managementEB 15/2014
Oct 2014NSW Economic Update: October 2014SI 09/2014
Oct 2014The High Court and the constitutional limits of anti-gang laws: in summaryEB 14/2014
Oct 2014Policies and prospects for renewable energy in New South WalesBF 06/2014
Oct 2014Builders' liability to Owners Corporations: the recent High Court decisionEB 13/2014
Oct 2014Native vegetation clearing in NSW: a regulatory historyBF 05/2014
Oct 2014Trends in NSW State finances: 2002-03 to 2014-15SI 08/2014
Sep 2014Criminal liability of carers in cases of non-accidental death or serious injury of childrenEB 12/2014
Sep 2014A tightening gas market: supply, demand and price outlook for NSWBF 04/2014
Aug 2014City of Sydney Amendment Bills 2014 – the Borsak and Greenwich BillsIB 08/2014
Aug 2014Free votes in the New South Wales ParliamentBP 10/2014
Aug 2014Electricity prices, demand and supply in NSWBF 03/2014
Aug 2014Labour force trends in Regional NSWSI 06/2014
Aug 2014Labour force trends in Greater SydneySI 05/2014
Aug 2014NSW regional labour force trends by labour force indicatorSI 07/2014
Jul 2014The Richmond-Tweed Region: An Economic ProfileEB 11/2014
Jul 2014Economic Indicators NSW (July 2014)SI 04/2014
Jul 2014Trends in New South Wales public sector assets and salesSI 03/2014
Jul 2014Funding opportunities for community groupsIB 07/2014
Jun 2014The High Court’s decision in the second School Chaplains case (Williams No 2)EB 10/2014
Jun 2014Bushfires in NSW: timelines and key sourcesIB 06/2014
Jun 2014Rural Fires Amendment (Vegetation Clearing) Bill 2014EB 09/2014
Jun 2014Public opinion on sentencing: recent research in AustraliaEB 08/2014
Jun 2014Medical cannabisIB 05/2014
May 2014Child disadvantage in NSW: recent findingsEB 07/2014
May 2014NSW State Electoral Districts Ranked by 2011 Census Characteristics: 2013 Redistribution (Liberal)BP 06/2014
May 2014NSW State Electoral Districts Ranked by 2011 Census Characteristics: 2013 Redistribution (The Nationals)BP 07/2014
May 2014NSW State Electoral Districts Ranked by 2011 Census Characteristics: 2013 Redistribution (All Parties)BP 04/2014
May 2014NSW State Electoral Districts Ranked by 2011 Census Characteristics: 2013 Redistribution (Labor)BP 05/2014
May 2014NSW Electorate Profiles: 2013 RedistributionBP 01/2014
May 2014NSW State Electoral Districts Ranked by 2011 Census Characteristics: 2013 RedistributionBP 03/2014
May 2014Advance Care DirectivesEB 06/2014
May 2014Sydney Airport: performance and potential competition from a second airportBF 02/2014
Apr 2014Economic Indicators NSW (April 2014)SI 02/2014
Apr 2014The New England-North West Region: An Economic ProfileEB 05/2014
Apr 2014NSW Electorate Profiles: cultural diversity (2013 Redistribution - Regional NSW)BP 09/2014
Apr 2014NSW Electorate Profiles: cultural diversity (2013 Redistribution - Greater Sydney)BP 08/2014
Apr 2014A second Sydney airport: Policy developments, reports and key findingsIB 04/2014
Mar 2014Burning native forest biomaterial for electricity generationIB 3/2014
Mar 2014Government procurement in NSWIB 2/2014
Mar 2014NSW Trade with South Korea: Outcomes for exporters from the KAFTAEB 03/2014
Feb 2014Parliamentary Privilege: the continuing debateBP 02/2014
Feb 2014The High Court's decision in the electoral funding law caseEB 02/2014
Feb 2014Alcohol-related violence: key sourcesIB 1/2014
Jan 2014Economic Indicators NSW (January 2014)SI 01/2014
Jan 2014Mandatory sentencing lawsEB 01/2014
Jan 2014House prices, ownership and affordability: trends in New South WalesBF 01/2014
Dec 2013Drought in NSWEB 12/2013
Dec 2013Gas: resources, industry structure and domestic reservation policiesBF 12/2013
Dec 2013Anti gang laws in AustraliaIB 5/2013
Nov 2013Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (Arrest without Warrant) Bill 2013IB 4/2013
Oct 20132013 New South Wales Redistribution: Analysis of Final Electoral BoundariesBP 02/2013
Oct 2013Economic Indicators NSW (October 2013)SI 09/2013
Oct 2013NSW planning reforms: decision-makingBF 11/2013
Oct 2013Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Private Educational Authorities) Bill 2013BF 10/2013
Sep 2013NSW planning reforms: building regulation and certificationBF 09/2013
Sep 2013Crimes Amendment (Zoe's Law) Bill 2013 (No 2)EB 09/2013
Sep 2013Corruption offencesEB 11/2013
Sep 2013NSW Canned Fruit and Vegetable Production: Past, Present, Future?EB 10/2013
Aug 2013NSW planning reforms: sustainable developmentBF 07/2013
Aug 2013NSW planning reforms: infrastructureBF 08/2013
Aug 2013Crimes Amendment (Zoe's Law) Bill 2013EB 08/2013
Aug 2013Home Education in NSWEB 07/2013
Aug 2013Unsolicited proposalsEB 06/2013
Jul 2013Economic Indicators NSW (July 2013)SI 08/2013
Jul 2013Trends in NSW State finances: 2003-04 to 2013-14SI 07/2013
Jul 2013COAGBF 06/2013
Jun 2013Constitutional recognition of local governmentEB 05/2013
Jun 20132013 New South Wales Redistribution: Analysis of Draft Electoral BoundariesBP 01/2013
Jun 2013Sydney and the Central Coast Regional Indicators 2011 CensusSI 06/2013
May 2013Autism Spectrum DisorderBF 05/2013
May 2013Inaugural speeches in the NSW ParliamentBF 04/2013
May 2013Construction Industry in NSW: Background to the Insolvency InquiryEB 04/2013
May 2013EuthanasiaIB 03/2013
Apr 2013Economic Indicators NSW (April 2013)SI 05/2013
Apr 2013Plastic bags: an updateEB 03/2013
Apr 2013NSW Regional Indicators 2011 CensusSI 04/2013
Apr 2013Permanency planning and adoption of children in out-of-home careBF 03/2013
Mar 2013Local Government: review of current issuesEB 01/2013
Mar 2013Protected tenancies : history and proposals for reformEB 02/2013
Mar 2013NSW Regional Labour Force TrendsSI 03/2013
Feb 2013Crimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2013IB 02/2013
Feb 2013NSW Commercial Fishing Industry: background to the 2012 reviewBF 02/2013
Feb 2013The Australian CurriculumBF 01/2013
Feb 2013Trends in NSW State Finances: 2003/04 to 2012/13SI 02/2013
Jan 2013Economic Indicators NSW (January 2013)SI 01/2013
Jan 2013New South Wales Legislative Council 1825 - 1856: Consolidated Index to the Votes and Proceedings
Dec 2012NSW State Electoral Districts Ranked by 2011 Census CharacteristicsBP 03/2012
Dec 2012NSW Electorate Profiles: 2011 Census/2011 BoundariesBP 02/2012
Dec 2012ObesityBF 08/2012
Nov 2012NSW planning reforms: the Green Paper and other developmentsBF 07/2012
Oct 2012Economic Indicators NSW (October 2012)SI 09/2012
Oct 2012NSW Trade with the European UnionEB 19/2012
Oct 2012Drug detection dogs: the legal position in New South WalesEB 18/2012
Oct 2012A history of mineral and petroleum ownership and royalties in NSWIB 05/2012
Oct 2012Education, Family and Community Indicators for NSWSI 08/2012
Oct 2012Mining in NSW (October 2012)SI 07/2012
Sep 2012Health Indicators for NSWSI 06/2012
Sep 2012Exploration and mining on private land in NSW: a brief legislative historyEB 17/2012
Sep 2012Right to SilenceIB 04/2012
Aug 2012Small Business in NSW: Statistical snapshot and recent developmentsEB 16/2012
Aug 2012Western Sydney: An Economic ProfileBF 06/2012
Aug 2012Inspector of Custodial Services Bill 2012EB 15/2012
Jul 2012Provocation and self-defence in intimate partner and sexual advance homicidesBF 05/2012
Jul 2012Economic Indicators NSW (July 2012)SI 05/2012
Jul 2012Measuring WellbeingBF 04/2012
Jul 2012The High Court's decision in the School Chaplains case: findings and implicationsEB 14/2012
Jul 2012Agriculture in NSW (July 2012)SI 04/2012
Jun 2012Wind Farms: regulatory developments in NSWEB 13/2012
Jun 2012Family Violence CourtsEB 12/2012
May 2012The Central Coast Region: An Economic ProfileEB 11/2012
May 2012Workers compensation: an updateEB 10/2012
Apr 2012Removal of Judicial Officers : An UpdateEB 09/2012
Apr 2012Economic Indicators NSW (April 2012)SI 03/2012
Apr 2012Murray-Darling Basin: water management issuesIB 01/2012
Apr 2012The Basin Plan: legal debates and developmentsEB 08/2012
Apr 2012Judicial AppointmentsBF 03/2012
Mar 2012The Murrumbidgee and Murray Regions: An Economic ProfileEB 07/2012
Mar 2012Noxious weedsBF 02/2012
Mar 2012Asylum seekers : an updateBF 01/2012
Feb 2012NSW Legislative Assembly election 2011 : Two-party preferred results by polling placeBP 01/2012
Feb 2012Crimes (Criminal Organisations Control) Bill 2012 : the constitutional issuesEB 06/2012
Feb 2012Gun violence: an updateEB 05/2012
Feb 2012The Constitution Amendment (Restoration of Oaths of Allegiance) Bill 2011: Background and CommentaryEB 04/2012
Feb 2012Economic Indicators NSW (January 2012)SI 02/2012
Jan 2012Public Administration and Politics in NSW: A statistical profileSI 01/2012
Jan 2012Coal seam gas royalties in Australian States & TerritoriesEB 03/2012
Jan 2012Banning political donations from third party interest groups:a summary of constitutional issuesEB 1/2012
Jan 2012Proposed changes relating to caps on electoral expenditure by political parties: a summary of constitutional issuesEB 2/2012
Dec 2011Key Issues in EnergyBP 04/2011
Dec 2011The Illawarra: An Economic ProfileEB 18/2011
Dec 2011Social Impact BondsEB 17/2011
Nov 2011New South Wales Legislative Council 1824 - 1856 : The Select Committees
Nov 2011The Hunter Region: An Economic ProfileEB 16/2011
Nov 2011Regulation of brothels: an updateEB 15/2011
Oct 2011Economic Indicators NSW (October 2011)SI 06/2011
Oct 2011Racial vilification laws: the Bolt case from a State perspectiveEB 14/2011
Oct 2011Indigenous disadvantage: can strengthening cultural attachment help to Close the Gap?EB 13/2011
Sep 20112011 New South Wales Election: Analysis of ResultsBP 03/2011
Sep 2011Women in Politics and Public LeadershipBF 06/2011
Sep 2011NSW Trade with Japan and the USAEB 12/2011
Aug 2011Issues Backgrounder: Public Private Partnerships in NSW: a timeline and key sourcesIB 01/2011
Aug 2011Caravan ParksEB 11/2011
Aug 2011Infrastructure funding and the Restart NSW Fund Bill 2011EB 10/2011
Aug 2011Population Issues for Sydney and NSW : policy frameworks and responsesBF 05/2011
Jul 2011Economic Indicators NSW (July 2011)SI 05/2011
Jul 2011The Government Advertising Bill 2011EB 09/2011
Jul 2011Social HousingEB 08/2011
Jul 2011NSW trade with China and IndiaEB 07/2011
Jul 2011Housing AffordabilityBF 04/2011
Jun 2011Same-sex marriageBF 3/2011
Jun 2011Victim Impact Statements by Family Members in Homicide CasesEB 06/2011
Jun 2011Population housing and transport indicators for NSWSI 04/2011
Jun 2011NSW Election 2011: Overview of Legislative Assembly ResultsBF 02/2011
May 2011Infrastructure NSW: comparing administrative modelsEB 05/2011
May 2011Government AdvertisingEB 04/2011
Apr 2011Key Issues and Regional Profiles for the 55th ParliamentBP 02/2011
Apr 2011Economic Indicators NSW April 2011SI 03/2011
Mar 2011History of development contributions under the NSW planning systemEB 03/2011
Mar 2011Offshore petroleum exploration and miningBF 01/2011
Feb 20112011 NSW Election Preview - Analysis of Past Voting Patterns by ElectorateBP 01/2011
Feb 2011A Statistical Portrait of the Environment in NSWSI 02/2011
Feb 2011Agriculture in the Sydney region: historical and current perspectivesEB 02/2011
Jan 2011Economics Indicators NSW January 2011SI 01/2011
Jan 2011Regulation of the coal seam gas industry in NSWEB 01/2011
Dec 2010Plantation forestry in NSW: regulatory regimes and future prospectsBF 12/2010
Nov 2010Budget Forecasts and OutcomesEB 15/2010
Nov 2010Arts Funding in NSWBF 11/2010
Oct 2010A statistical snapshot of crime and justice in NSWSI 05/2010
Oct 2010Economics Indicators NSW October 2010SI 04/2010
Oct 2010Bushfires in NSW: An UpdateBF 10/2010
Sep 2010Petitioning ParliamentEB 14/2010
Sep 2010Waste: Comparative Data and Management FrameworksBF 09/2010
Aug 2010Cycling and Transport Policy in NSWBF 08/2010
Aug 2010Sydney and Melbourne: An Economic OverviewBF 07/2010
Aug 2010Health Education and Community Indicators for NSWSI 03/2010
Aug 2010The Criminal Assets Recovery Amendment (Unexplained Wealth) Bill 2010EB 13/2010
Jul 2010NSW National Parks and ReservesEB 12/2010
Jul 2010Economic Indicators NSW July 2010SI 02/2010
Jul 2010Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal PeopleEB 11/2010
Jun 2010NSW Planning Framework: History of ReformsEB 10/2010
Jun 2010Coastal Erosion & Sea Level RiseBF 06/2010
Jun 2010Bail law: developments, debate and statisticsBF 05/2010
May 2010Biodiversity CertificationEB 09/2010
May 2010Mining and the EconomyEB 08/2010
May 2010Water: Regulatory Frameworks in Rural NSWBF 04/2010
May 2010Biodiversity: Regulatory FrameworksBF 03/2010
May 2010Australian Federal and State Budgets - An OverviewBF 02/2010
Apr 2010Economic Indicators: NSW (April 2010)SI 01/2010
Mar 2010Health ReformBF 01/2010
Mar 2010Home Warranty InsuranceEB 07/2010
Mar 2010Minority Governments in Australia - Texts of Accords, Charters and AgreementsIB 01/2010
Mar 2010Minority Governments in Australia 1989-2009: Accords, Charters and AgreementsBP 01/2010
Feb 2010New Recommendations to Share GST RevenueEB 06/2010
Feb 2010Residential Tenancy Law ReformsEB 05/2010
Feb 2010Agriculture, Landscapes and CarbonEB 04/2010
Feb 2010Recall ElectionsEB 03/2010
Jan 2010Industrial relations update: The referral of powers and the Fair Work Act 2009EB 02/2010
Jan 2010Political Donations and Electoral FinanceEB 01/2010
Dec 2009Criminal Trial EfficiencyEB 11/2009
Dec 2009Business CyclesEB 10/2009
Dec 2009Managerial Federalism - COAG and the StatesBF 10/2009
Nov 2009Regional NSW - Economic Survey and Development InitiativesBF 09/2009
Nov 2009Rail Freight Transport in NSWBF 08/2009
Sep 2009NSW State Electoral Districts Ranked by 2006 Census CharacteristicsBP 03/2009
Sep 2009NSW Electorate Profiles: 2007 RedistributionBP 04/2009
Sep 2009Industrial Relations: The Referral of PowersBF 07/2009
Aug 2009Tasers - developments, findings and recommendationsEB 09/2009
Jul 2009The NSW public sector - statistical overview 1999-2008EB 08/2009
Jul 2009Mining and the EnvironmentBF 06/2009
Jun 2009Gang Laws: An UpdateEB 07/2009
May 2009FOI update - proposed reforms in NSWEB 06/2009
May 2009New South Wales Legislative Assembly Elections 2007: Two-Candidate Preferred Results by Polling PlaceBP 02/2009
May 2009Censorship law - questions and answersEB 05/2009
Apr 2009New South Wales Legislative Council Election 2007BP 01/2009
Apr 2009Public Interest DisclosuresBF 05/2009
Apr 2009Oversight of Public AppointmentsEB 04/2009
Apr 2009Sustainable DevelopmentBF 04/2009
Apr 2009Homelessness in NSWBF 03/2009
Mar 2009The NSW Economy: An UpdateBF 02/2009
Feb 2009Parliamentary privilege: first principles and recent applicationsBF 01/2009
Feb 2009Privatisation of prisons updateEB 03/2009
Feb 2009The NSW Housing CodeEB 02/2009
Jan 2009Charter of Rights UpdateEB 01/2009
Dec 2008Recent Developments in Abortion LawEB 08/2008
Dec 2008Ethanol and biodieselEB 07/2008
Dec 2008Political Donations Law UpdateEB 06/2008
Nov 2008A World Game: Events and Tourism in NSWBF 14/2008
Nov 2008Asylum SeekersBF 13/2008
Nov 2008Liquor, Licenses and LockoutsEB 04/2008
Nov 2008Internet Censorship and Mandatory FilteringEB 05/2008
Nov 2008Road Congestion ChargingEB 03/2008
Nov 2008Emissions TradingBF 12/2008
Nov 2008Child Pornography Law UpdateEB 02/2008
Oct 2008Intoxication and the Criminal LawEB 01/2008
Oct 2008New South Wales By-elections 1965-2008: Update to Background Paper No. 3/2005UPDATE BP 03-2005
Sep 2008Local Government in New South WalesBF 11/2008
Sep 2008Oil Supply and Petrol PricesBF 10/2008
Aug 2008Child Pornography LawBF 09/2008
Aug 2008Transport Problems Facing Large CitiesBF 06/2008
Aug 2008The Regulation of LobbyingBF 05/2008
Aug 2008Education in Country and City New South WalesBF 04/2008
Aug 2008Marine Protected AreasBF 08/2008
Jul 2008Privacy: The Current SituationBF 07/2008
Jun 2008The Regulation of LobbyingBF 05/2008
May 2008Education in Country and City New South WalesBF 04/2008
May 2008Carbon Capture and StorageBF 02/2008
Apr 2008A Commissioner for Older People in NSW?BF 03/2008
Mar 2008The NSW Planning System: Proposed ReformsBF 01/2008
Feb 20082007 New South Wales Election: Final AnalysisBP 01/2008
Feb 2008Supplement to Background Paper 1/08 by Antony Green: Preference flows by booth and candidate for individual electorates
Dec 2007The NSW Economy: A SurveyBF 14/2007
Nov 2007Residential Tenancy Law in NSWBF 13/2007
Nov 2007Liquor Licensing Laws: An UpdateBF 12/2007
Oct 2007Older drivers: a review of licensing requirements and research findingsBF 11/2007
Sep 2007Protecting Children From Online Sexual PredatorsBF 10/2007
Jun 2007MulticulturalismBF 09/2007
Jun 2007Election Finance Law: Recent Developments and Proposals for ReformBF 08/2007
Jun 2007Manufacturing and Services in NSWBP 03/2007
Jun 2007Domestic Violence in NSWBF 07/2007
May 2007Freedom of Information - Issues and Recent Developments in NSWBF 06/2007
May 20072007 New South Wales Election: Preliminary AnalysisBP 02/2007
May 2007Parliamentary Privilege: Major Developments and Current IssuesBP 01/2007
May 2007Women, Parliament and the MediaBF 05/2007
Apr 2007Living on the Edge: Sustainable Land Development in SydneyBF 04/2007
Apr 2007Provocation and Self-defence in Intimate Partner and Homophobic HomicidesBF 03/2007
Feb 2007Greenhouse Gas Emission TradingBF 02/2007
Feb 2007Government Policy and Services to Support and Include People with DisabilitiesBF 01/2007
Dec 2006Crystal Methamphetamine Use in New South WalesBF 19/2006
Nov 2006The Workplace Relations Case - Implications for the StatesBF 18/2006
Nov 2006Commonwealth-State Responsibilities for Health - 'Big Bang' or Incremental ReformBF 17/2006
Nov 2006Recent Developments in Planning LegislationBF 16/2006
Nov 2006Reducing the Risk of RecidivismBF 15/2006
Oct 2006Sovereign States and National Power: Transition in Federal State FinanceBF 14/2006
Sep 2006BiofuelsBF 13/2006
Sep 2006New South Wales Electorate Profiles: 2004 RedistributionBP 03/2006
Aug 2006Law and order legislation in the Australian States and Territories: 2003-2006BF 12/2006
Aug 2006DNA Evidence, Wrongful Convictions and Wrongful AcquittalsBF 11/2006
Aug 2006NSW State Electoral Districts Ranked by 2001 Census StatisticsBP 02/2006
Aug 2006Uranium and Nuclear PowerBF 10/2006
Jun 2006Legal Recognition of Same-Sex RelationshipsBF 09/2006
May 2006Tourism in NSW: Prospects for the Current DecadeBF 08/2006
May 2006Parental Responsibility LawsBF 07/2006
May 2006Native Vegetation: An UpdateBF 06/2006
May 2006A NSW Charter of Rights? The Continuing DebateBF 05/2006
Apr 2006Preparing for the impact of dementiaBF 04/2006
Mar 2006The Political Representation of Ethnic and Racial MinoritiesBF 03/2006
Feb 2006The New Federal Workplace Relations SystemBF 02/2006
Feb 2006The Science of Climate ChangeBP 01/2006
Feb 2006Sedition, Incitement and Vilification: Issues in the Current DebateBF 01/2006
Dec 2005Majority Jury Verdicts in Criminal TrialsBF 15/2005
Nov 2005Affordable Housing in NSW: Past to PresentBF 14/2005
Nov 2005Election Finance Law: An UpdateBF 13/2005
Nov 2005Parliament and Accountability: The Role of Parliamentary Oversight CommitteesBF 12/2005
Nov 2005Industrial Relations Reforms: The proposed national systemBF 11/2005
Sep 2005New South Wales By-elections, 1965-2005BP 03/2005
Aug 2005Desalination, Waste Water, and the Sydney Metropolitan Water PlanBF 10/2005
Aug 2005Abortion and the law in New South WalesBF 09/2005
Aug 2005Rural Assistance Schemes and ProgramsBF 08/2005
Jul 2005Waste Management and Extended Producer ResponsibilityBF 07/2005
Jun 2005Children's Rights in NSWBP 02/2005
May 2005No Fault CompensationBF 06/2005
Apr 2005Land Tax: an updateBF 05/2005
Apr 2005Trial by Jury: Recent DevelopmentsBF 04/2005
Mar 2005Small Business in NSWBF 03/2005
Feb 2005Energy Futures for NSWBF 02/2005
Jan 2005Tobacco Control in New South WalesBF 01/2005
Jan 2005NSW Redistribution: Analysis of Final BoundariesBP 01/2005
Jan 2005Current Issues in Transport PolicyBF 14/2004
Jan 2005Drink Driving and Drug Driving by Rowena JohnsBF 15/2004
Oct 20042004 NSW Redistribution: Analysis of Significant Changes to Draft BoundariesBP 04/2004
Oct 2004Workplace SurveillanceBF 13/2004
Sep 2004NSW Fishing Industry: Changes in the Twenty-First CenturyBF 11/2004
Sep 2004Ageing in AustraliaBF 12/2004
Aug 2004Medical Cannabis Programs: A Review of Selected JurisdictionsBF 10/2004
Aug 20042004 New South Wales Redistribution - Analysis Of Draft BoundariesBP 04/2004
Jul 2004Indigenous Australians and Land in New South WalesBF 09/2004
Jul 2004Privatisation of PrisonsBP 03/2004
Jun 2004Local Development Assessment in NSWBF 08/2004
May 2004Tourism in NSW: After September 11BF 06/2004
May 2004Indigenous Issues in NSWBP 02/2004
May 2004Plastic BagsBF 05/2004
May 2004Drug Offences: An Update on Crime Trends, Diversionary Programs and Drug PrisonsBF 07/2004
Apr 2004The Future of Water SupplyBF 04/2004
Feb 2004Medical Negligence: An updateBF 02/2004
Feb 2004Firearms Restrictions: Recent DevelopmentsBF 03/2004
Jan 2004New South Wales State Election 2003: Electorate ProfilesBP 02/2003
Jan 2004Principles, Personalities, Politics: Parliamentary Privilege Cases in NSWBP 01/2004
Jan 2004InfrastructureBF 01/2004
Nov 2003Horizontal Fiscal EqualisationBF 21/2003
Nov 2003Child Sexual Offences: An Update on Initiatives in the Criminal Justice SystemBF 20/2003
Nov 2003The Economic and Social Implications of GamblingBP 09/2003
Sep 2003Genetically Modified CropsBF 19/2003
Aug 2003Expulsion of Members of the NSW ParliamentBF 17/2003
Aug 2003Cross-examination and Sexual Offence ComplainantsBF 18/2003
Aug 2003Double JeopardyBF 16/2003
Jul 2003"X" Rated Films and the Regulation of Sexually Explicit MaterialBF 15/2003
Jul 2003Alcohol AbuseBP 05/2003
Jul 2003The Control of Prostitution: An UpdateBF 14/2003
Jul 2003Local Government Areas and State Electoral DivisionsBF -2003
Jun 2003Regional Development Outside SydneyBF 13/2003
Jun 20032003 New South Wales Election - Final AnalysisBP 06/2003
May 2003Fraud and Identity TheftBF 08/2003
May 2003Urban Regional DevelopmentBF 12/2003
May 2003Crimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill 2003BF 10/2003
May 2003The Consumer, Trader and Tenancy TribunalBF 11/2003
May 2003Women in Parliament: The Current SituationBF 09/2003
Mar 2003Young Offenders and Diversionary OptionsBF 07/2003
Mar 2003New South Wales Legislative Assembly Elections 2003: Two-Candidate Preferred ResultsBP 07/2003
Mar 2003New South Wales Legislative Council Elections 2003BP 08/2003
Mar 2003Population Growth: Implications for Australia and SydneyBF 05/2003
Mar 2003Law and order legislation in the Australian States and Territories, 1999-2002: a comparative surveyBF 06/2003
Mar 2003Prospects for the 2003 Legislative Council ElectionBP 03/2003
Mar 2003A Suburb Too Far? Urban Consolidation in SydneyBF 04/2003
Feb 2003Rural Sector: Agriculture to AgribusinessBF 03/2003
Feb 20032003 New South Wales Election - Preliminary AnalysisBP 04/2003
Jan 2003Native Vegetation: Recent DevelopmentsBF 01/2003
Jan 2003New South Wales State Electoral Districts Ranked by 2001 Census CharacteristicsBP 01/2003
Jan 2003ArsonBF 02/2003
Dec 2002Gangs in NSWBF 16/2002
Oct 2002DroughtBF 14/2002
Oct 2002Bail Law and Practice: Recent DevelopmentsBF 15/2002
Sep 2002Water reforms in NSW: An updateBF 12/2002
Sep 2002Public Liability - an updateBF 11/2002
Sep 2002Defamation Law Reform RevisitedBF 13/2002
Jul 2002Victims of Crime: Plea Bargains, Compensation, Victim Impact Statements and Support ServicesBF 10/2002
Jul 2002MPs' EntitlementsOP8
May 2002Dealing with Graffiti in New South WalesBF 08/2002
May 2002Human Cloning and Stem Cell ResearchBF 09/2002
May 2002Public LiabilityBF 07/2002
Apr 2002Information Privacy and Health RecordsBF 06/2002
Mar 2002OutworkersBF 03/2002
Mar 2002Implications of the 2001 Federal Election for the 2003 New South Wales ElectionBP 01/2002
Mar 2002Censorship in Australia: Regulating the Internet and other recent developmentsBF 04/2002
Mar 2002BushfiresBF 05/2002
Jan 2002Sentencing Law: A Review of Developments in 1998-2001BF 02/2002
Jan 2002Court Delays in NSW: Issues and DevelopmentsBF 01/2002
Dec 2001Child Protection in NSW: A Review of Oversight and Supervisory AgenciesBF 16/2001
Dec 2001The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change: An UpdateBF 17/2001
Nov 2001Tamworth Electorate Profile 2001BK 2B/1999
Oct 2001Workers' Compensation Common Law Matters: The Sheahan InquiryBF 14/2001
Oct 2001Election Finance Law: Public Funding, Donations and ExpenditureBF 15/2001
Sep 2001Sentencing “Gang Rapists”: The Crimes Amendment (Aggravated Sexual Assault in Company) Bill 2001BF 12/2001
Sep 2001A Review of the Land and Environment CourtBF 13/2001
Sep 2001Auburn Electorate Profile 2001BK 2A/1999
Aug 2001Proposed Changes to Environmental Planning in NSWBF 10/2001
Aug 2001Independence and Accountability of the Director of Public Prosecutions: A Comparative SurveyBF 09/2001
Aug 2001Police Powers in NSW: Background to the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Bill 2001BF 11/2001
Jul 2001The NSW State Election 1959 by David CluneES1959
Jun 2001The NSW State Election 1947 by David CluneES1947
Jun 2001The Future of the New South Wales Workers' Compensation SchemeBF 08/2001
Jun 2001The NSW State Election 1950 by David CluneES1950
May 2001Medical Negligence and Professional Indemnity InsuranceBP 02/2001
May 2001Police Powers and Drug Law Enforcement in NSWBF 06/2001
Apr 2001Electoral Misconduct and the Regulation of Political PartiesBF 05/2001
Mar 2001Options for Sydney's Second AirportBF 04/2001
Mar 2001Euthanasia: An UpdateBF 03/2001
Feb 2001Waste Management in New South Wales: A ReviewBF 01/2001
Feb 2001Permanency Planning and AdoptionBF 02/2001
Feb 2001Deregulation and National Competition Policy and its Effect on Rural and Regional AreasBF 07/2001
Jan 2001State Upper Houses in AustraliaBP 01/2001
Dec 2000Federal-State Financial Relations: After the GSTBF 14/2000
Dec 2000The NSW State Election 1941 by David CluneES1941
Nov 2000DNA Testing and Criminal JusticeBF 05/2000
Nov 2000Teacher RegistrationBF 06/2000
Nov 2000The Protection of Human Rights: A Review of Selected JurisdictionsBF 03/2000
Nov 2000Incidence and regulation of domestic violence in NSWBF 04/2000
Nov 2000Adoption and Care and Protection of Children: The Proposed Legislative ChangesBF 10/2000
Oct 2000Pre-Trial Defence Disclosure: Background to the Criminal Procedure Amendment (Pre-Trial Disclosure) Bill 2000BF 12/2000
Oct 2000The NSW State Election 1953 by David CluneES1953
Oct 2000Copyright, Privilege and Members of ParliamentBF 13/2000
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Mar 2000The Numbers Game: Prospects for a Redistribution in the Current ParliamentBP 04/2000
Mar 2000Freedom of Information and Open GovernmentBP 03/2000
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Jan 2000NSW Legislative Council Elections 1999BP 02/2000
Jan 2000Banks and Community ObligationsBF 01/2000
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Nov 1999Parole: An overviewBF 20/1999
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Nov 1999'Megan's Law' and other forms of sex-offender legislationBF 22/1999
Oct 1999New Commonwealth and State Government Environment RelationshipsBF 18/1999
Oct 1999Firearms Regulation: An UpdateBP 05/1999
Oct 1999The age of consent: an updateBF 21/1999
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Mar 1998Judicial AccountabilityBP 01/1998
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Sep 1997Electricity and PrivatisationBF 17/1997
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Jun 1997Registration of PaedophilesBF 12/1997
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May 1997Police Powers of Detention After ArrestBF 08/1997
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Dec 1996An Administrative Appeals Tribunal for New South WalesBF 14/1996
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Nov 1995Fixed Term Parliaments, with a commentary on the Constitution (Fixed Term Parliaments) Amendment Bill 1992BF 03/1995
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May 1995Defamation of Public Officials and Public Figures: Special Rules and Free Speech in the United States and AustraliaOC 02/1995
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Apr 1995Recycling in New South WalesBF 08/1995
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Dec 1990The Legislative Council of New South Wales : Past, Present and FutureBP 01/1990