Get involved

Whether you are an expert in a relevant field, work for a representative organisation, are directly affected by the issue being examined, or are simply an interested individual, there are a number of ways to get involved in committee activities.

More information on current committee activity is available at the In committees this month page.

Make a submission
Committees conducting inquiries welcome submissions from individuals and community groups. Submissions alert committees to factors or information relevant to an inquiry, and show how you, your organisation, or your community feel about an issue.

Most submissions received by a committee will be made public (including by publishing them on the committee's website). If you would like all or part of your submission to be made confidential, please contact the committee staff.

Attend a hearing as a member of the public
Committee hearings are usually held in public and everyone is welcome to attend public hearings, whether they are held at Parliament House or at other sites around New South Wales. Hearing details can be found on each committee's inquiry page.

However some hearings are held in private (in camera). In such cases the public and media are asked to leave the hearing room.

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