What is Hansard?

Hansard is the official record of the proceedings of the Parliament. It is not a strictly verbatim record, but rather a verified and accurate record. Repetitions and redundancies may be omitted and obvious mistakes corrected. Interjections not responded to by the principal speaker are omitted. Hansard has no editorial policy other than the pursuit of accuracy and consistency.

Hansard by bill - current
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  • For earlier records, see Comprehensive index to all parliamentary documents available online.
  • How soon after proceedings is Hansard made available?

    Hansard is available online in two formats. One format is the full text of the day's proceedings in one House on a single contrinuous page, and is referred to as the Day Transcripts. The other format is a series of articles that have been extracted from the full day transcript, each article representing one item of business.

    • Day Transcripts - are available about 3 Hours after the last House rises, but are indexed by date only. Navigate to a sitting day and access the Hansard Full Day Transcript link for the full text of the day's proceedings. A link to the full day transcript also appears in "News" on the Parliament's homepage each morning after a sitting day.
    • Articles - are available on the morning following a sitting day, generally after 10 a.m. This format is more convenient to search and print than the full text day transcript. Access the Date, Bill, or Member link for each item of business.
    • The Proof is replaced with a corrected copy usually within two weeks of a sitting.

    Where can I find transcripts of parliamentary committee hearings?

    Visit the parliamentary committees pages for transcripts of committee hearings, reports and information about committee inquiries.

    Hansard contact details

    Phone: 02 9230 2233
    Fax: 02 9230 2921
    council@parliament.nsw.gov.au or assembly@parliament.nsw.gov.au

    Disclaimer and copyright

    Copyright in Hansard is vested in and shall remain with the Attorney General in right of the Crown. The electronic version of Hansard is for information purposes only. The printed record is the official version of debates and proceedings of both Houses of the Parliament. Copies of the printed record are kept at the State Library of New South Wales.