Disability access

For visitors in wheelchairs or with mobility difficulties, the Parliament of New South Wales has:
  • Ramp and lift access to Level 7 Reception from Macquarie Street forecourt (to obtain security pass)
    – prior notice is not usually essential but can be given by phoning 9230 2219
  • Carpets with a short, dense pile.
  • Flat access to the Jubilee and Waratah Rooms on Level 7
  • Accessible lifts from Level 7 Reception
  • Ramp access to Legislative Council Chamber.
  • Accessible toilet facilities on Levels 7.

Taxis can be ordered by telephone. They pick up in Hospital Road at the back of the building. Private cars can also pick up in Hospital Road and there is a loading dock for short waiting periods.
  • If you require a taxi or private car to collect you at the end of your meeting, please advise committee staff and they can order one to collect you at the Hospital Road exit.
  • It is essential to alert the staff in good time as a portable ramp will need to be set up.
  • A member of staff will accompany you via the lift to Level 6, down the ramp to the waiting taxi or private car.

Leaving Parliament House by taxi or private car (Macquarie Street)
Taxis can be hailed in Macquarie Street. For those wishing to travel north it is best to stand on the western side of the street. Private cars do pick up in Macquarie Street but they have to battle the traffic.

For hearing-impaired or deaf-blind visitors the Parliament of New South Wales has:
  • Fitted induction loop and infra-red sound enhancement systems in the visitors galleries of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council chambers; the main hearing room of the Parliament (Jubilee Room); and the Parliamentary Theatrette.
  • Sound enhancement systems in other Parliamentary hearing rooms contracted as required.
  • Its own textphone number (02 9230 2838).

For blind or visually-impaired visitors the Parliament of New South Wales has:
  • Provided clear signage throughout the publicly accessible levels of the Parliament building, incorporating the use of raised lettering.
  • A policy of welcoming guide dogs or other assistance dogs.

  • A limited number of public parking spaces are reserved for people with disabilities in the Parliamentary car park on request.
  • Access doors each level of the car park the Lift Foyer open automatically.
  • All visitors entering from the car park, including visitors in wheelchairs or mobility difficulties, must proceed to the Level 7 Foyer to obtain a Security Pass.

Coming to committee proceedings at Parliament House
If you are appearing as a witness or attending a hearing or forum held by a Legislative Council Committee, or attending an event or visiting Parliament House for any other reason, the following information may be of use to you.

General information
  • If you have any specific access requirements in relation to your attendance at a committee proceeding, please contact us as far in advance as possible to ensure that we can make the necessary arrangements.
  • You may bring a friend or carer to assist you at hearings and forums, whether you are a witness or attending in the public area.
  • Guide and other assistance dogs are welcome.
  • We want to do everything we can to ensure that you have access to the Legislative Council’s committee proceedings at Parliament House.

For assistance with disability issues for committee hearings, contact details are:

Legislative Council CommitteesLegislative Assembly and Joint Committees
Telephone02 9230 219302 9230 2277
AddressLegislative Council
Parliament of New South Wales
Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Legislative Assembly
Parliament of New South Wales
Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Textphone users02 9230 283802 9230 2838
Fax02 9230 298102 0230 3460

After your appearance at committee proceedings

Blind or visually-impaired attendees

Transcripts of evidence
  • Copies of the transcript of evidence are normally provided in the Legislative Council’s preferred format – Size 12 Garamond font
  • However if you use software such as Jaws for Windows you can contact the Committee Disability Officer to request the transcript copy to be sent to your address in a larger, simpler font.

Documents on the web
  • Transcripts and submissions are published on the web in a pdf format.
  • If you use software such as Jaws for Windows you can contact the Committee Disability Officer to request hard copies of these published documents to be sent to your address in:
    • Word, RTF or Text format
    • Simple, easier to read fonts such as ARIAL
    • Larger sized fonts.

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