Printing Tips

This site does not contain "printer friendly version" link on its pages because none is required.

When you direct any page from this site to a printer, all navigational elements and graphics are automatically stripped from the page as it is queued to the printer. Only the headings and body content are printed.

If you intended to print the screen including site navigation and graphics, you must use a screen capture program and then paste the captured image into a separate program such as your word processor. For Windows users, pressing shift + Print Screen will capture the screen and place it onto your clipboard ready for pasting.


Including the Parliamentary Crest in your Hansard and House Paper Printouts

This site also includes a feature for printing the whole or part of a page of Hansard or House Papers, with the document heading and Parliamentary crest appearing at the top of your printout.

From any Hansard or House Paper page, select and highlight the text to be included in your print out. Then hold down ALT+P keys together. A pop-up window will appear with your selected text.

This feature is only available to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or higher.