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Standing Orders - the main rules by which the House operates. Standing Orders are made under the authority of section 15 of the Constitution Act 1902 and, like delegated legislation, are required to be approved by the Governor.

Sessional Orders - temporary rules which supplement Standing Orders, by varying existing orders or introducing new procedures. They are resolutions of the House and as such do not need the Governor's approval. Often sessional orders are used to trial new or varied procedures before they become standing orders.

Sitting day routine of business - A timetable giving approximate times for the various items of business on a Sitting Day in the Legislative Assembly.

New South Wales Legislative Assembly Practice, Procedure and Privilege - This publication provides comprehensive information on the procedures and practice of the Legislative Assembly drawing on past precedents, up to and including recent significant amendments to the Standing Orders. It also includes discussion on the application of parliamentary privilege as it relates to New South Wales.

Supplement to New South Wales Legislative Assembly Practice, Procedure and Privilege - Updates to the publication as they become available.

A short guide to the procedures of the Legislative Assembly - This publication provides a brief explanation of the practices and procedure in the NSW Legislative Assembly, including: an explanation of what procedure is; Chamber seating arrangements and dress code; what to expect on the opening day of a new parliament; and who to contact with any procedural enquiries.

Fact Sheets and Procedural Notes - including background material and guidelines explaining House procedures.
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