The Working in the LC Program

The Working in the Legislative Council program is a Professional Development initiative. The program is offered to departmental officers who want to gain first-hand experience of the operations of Parliament, including Legislative Council committees and the annual budget estimates process. It also facilitates an exchange of ideas and experiences between participants, sponsor agencies and the Council.

The program runs from approximately August to October each year. It is aimed at high performing NSW public service officers at Clerk Grade 7/8 level or equivalent. Officers at Clerk 9/10 level or equivalent may also be considered. The successful applicant's agency is required to meet their officer's salary costs during the placement. Participants are not eligible to apply for a position in the Council during the placement or for six months following the end of the placement.

Here is what a former participant had to say about their experience:

"The working in the Legislative Council Program is a wonderful opportunity for departmental staff to experience the functions of the Upper House and learn about the operations of Parliament. During my time I was involved in the administration of the 2014 – 2015 Budget Estimates hearings, learned the powers and procedures of the House within the Procedure Office and worked with the team on a Committee Inquiry, a highlight of my time in the program. I strongly encourage anyone interested in working in a high functioning supportive team on exciting parliamentary inquiries to apply. I really enjoyed my time working in the Legislative Council and would love to work in the team again."

More information
Information about the 2016 program will be published on this web page in May.
If you have any questions please contact Ms Emma Rogerson on 9230 2898 or email